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now thinking in the future i have other exciting games to work on

i was more to the end of this jam i guess well not really i just had limited time for myself because i have other things to do

because its your eyes and your brain thinks that the player isnt moving well it is its just not rotating or doesnt seem like its moving

i got to April 2nd

in jams of course not in actual games outside of jams

ok ill work on it this arvo! thanks for the motivation!

why thank you

well yeah i did only have like an hour in my own time i was planning to have a timer to act as high score but i couldnt implement it right enough to fit so i removed it completely i tried to increase the res but then it just looked like a modern game with straight sharp looking edges on the cube i tried to aim for jaggeder edges but thinking of it now i could of pulled the same effect off with another method. thanks for your review!

thank you!

i was planning to have seconds but the seconds and it was implemented at one point but i did remove it also i tried to make it limited view by not showing where the enemy will appear after thinking about it i realized that yeah thats not really a thing

i got 6.43 inches spamming the masturbate button

you should put this on a mobile phone store its good

i keep walking into undefined


beta now released search for it in the store for $2.00

Can i make a mod for this game i would like to extend on this game