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Hey there! Thanks for the feedback! You can dm me on Twitter :)

How do you know I'm a huge fan of Katana Zero xD

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Hello hello! I've been busy so didn't get to chat much in G.Round xD Thank you so much for the playthrough and sharing it here, much much appreciated! We're also working on a major Demo update to polish the combats and dialogues, adding some levels and reworking some sprites -- for a better game experience! Will definitely get back to you when we've got something new! 

(ps. the sleep interaction's added to the browser version and will be added to downloadable versions later xD)

Best wishes, 


It's been 10 days since the release of the Rodents: Rewind demo so here's a little something to show our appreciation -- free character emotes for Rodents: Rewind! Get them here: Check out the demo if you haven't! 

The development has been going smoothly and several updates will be on their way. Thank you all so much for the support! 

Real best, 

Rodents: Rewind Team

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Hello all! You can now play Rodents: Rewind in your browser, with a save system and dialogue log so you can always come back to it later :)

Play it here

If you enjoy the game, please help by upvoting this post or sharing it with your friends! Thank you very much! 

(PEGI 16/Blood/Violence/Strong Language/Suggestive Themes/Use of Alcohol)

I'll briefly talk about the game here: 

Rodents: Rewind (Demo out on 25th Sep 2022!) is a 2D action-adventure game set in the city Kotzeon, 50 years from now. Waking up on the street remembering nothing at all, you'll start your adventure as Onyx in this mysterious district while working with AmberCrow, a local gang led by a young lady called Richa. Along the way, you'll meet old friends and new rivals, and maybe one day, find your memory back. 

Gameplay Trailer: 

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Hi all, this is Prancake and my new game demo for Rodents: Rewind has just been published on !! Please do check it out, the full gameplay will take about 20min (note that the game has an age limit of PEGI 16), with a save system and dialogue log :)

Genre: 2D action-adventure, story-rich

Waking up on the street, Onyx remembers nothing about his past, his friends, or the streets he

grew up in. You'll start your adventure here in this district full of conflicts and danger while

working with AmberCrow, a local gang led by a young lady called Richa. Along the way, you'll

meet old friends and new rivals, slowly uncover the mysteries in the city, Kotzeon.

Feel free to leave some comments, email me or chat with me on Twitter! Thank you very much for reading! Please vote for this game if you like it :)

Edit: Many thanks to the kind words from the players and to those who upvoted this post! :) Really appreciate it and I'm glad that yall had a good time!