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OMG amazing game, I love it

thank you for the useful feedback :)

Use the power of stop and go... 

thanks btw :D

The game and idea were cool, music was too loud and there werent sounds effects so it was a bit strange playing it. With some UI and more mechanics this could be a masterpiece :D

The idea is really cool and it fits with the theme and the game could be even better if you fix some problems. Firstly, the resolution is wrong on web so you should fix it with screen res, gameplay is good but there arent ways to combine the 2 modes of play and so it is a bit unused. 

The idea is pretty cool and gameplay is nice. There are some fixes that I think that could improve the game : jumps on walls should send you a bit far from it, music should be less repetitive and in the background so sounds feel better. Overall great work :D

Movement is a bit buggy with WASD, but gameplay is cool and graphics are enjoyable. Nice work!

Well, I dont think it fits well with the jam and you should add some sort of reset when you hit the walls. There are no graphics and gameplay could be repetitive.

The idea is relly cool! Congratulations even is the shooting gameplay could be better, I liked the multi tasking mechanic like the normal developer routine xD

I hope you will try it fun! On browser

Sometimes the points are wrong and it would be cool to have some level progression with different difficulties because in this way its boring after a single match. Overall the idea is cool and its smooth and the enemy has a good AI, I likedi t!

The idea is amazing and gameplay feels really smooth and its very fun to play. I have spent half an hour on this game and I liked it very much :) nice work

The concept is really cool, music on point and a great artwork and mood. Some bounces are a bit strange and there are some small bugs with the balls, but I loved it :)

snake is eeaaasy, just use some poison moves :)

THIS GAME IS AMAZING! The art is cool, the concept is incredible and it is very fun to play, I loved it!

Ok I see you are a dani fan! If it is you first game its a nice work, with some cool mechanics like the black hole, with more time and better gameplay this could be an amazing and fun game! Keep it up :)

The idea is really cool but the gameplay has some problems and little bugs. The game is fun and sounds are really cool !

The game looks very cool, but it is a bit difficult to beat the level in the right order. Sometimes enemies dont move or are a bit buggy, but I liked the idea :)

It's a cool idea, but there arent many levels and some mechanics are a bit buggy. For being alone, it's a great little game :)

I've made my first devlog video here : 

It was an amazing experience!

thank you :) my puzzle game with orbits. Do you want to enter in SpaceX? Try our game :)

Intro was really cool, the music is on point and graphic was nice. Gameplay was original and fluent! Great job!

Uh thank you for the feedback, I'm going to remove that bug. Thumbs up for the discovery!

But I like pizza

Thank you! I used to program for mobile devices so this is a strong advice for computer users! :)

Thank you so much! Your game was amazing!

Of course! It's my first game made with a friend, it was difficult but fun to do!

Visually it's amazing, but gameplay was a bit slow. Music was cool and UI it's very good

Levels are cool, art is pretty good, Meow on point and mechanics were ok. I liked the game!

The idea is cool but controls are a bit difficult to manage. Art is ok and game is cool!

The idea was really really cool! The art was on point and gameplay was fluent. The only thing that I could not figure out was that the previous stats changed everytime, I think that a better idea will be to conserve the stats like the game "Reigns". :)

It's a bit difficult to understand what is going on in the game, but the mechanic is cool and also the art. Great game, could be amazing!

I think that the problem is that you tried to make a too complex game and so it looks unfinished. It's your first game, and if you had a better idea you could have created an amazing game I think ! :)

Good luck for next games

Thank you!

The gameplay is fun, the art is amazing and it's really fun to play. The only problem is the way the character moves, it's too fast and difficult to control. Game was cool!

How could you made this in 2 weeks. My game looks like crap oh my god. You are amazing! The game is amazing! If you put it on ios and android it will be amazing too

The music was cool. The gameplay was a bit boring and I could not reach the end , but it is a cool gameif it's your first. :)