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In order to get the secret ending, you have to get the corrupted ending. There you will find a secret code in the endscreen (5cwftDiZ9ZY). This code is a YouTube video. Type the following link into your browser:                                                                                                   

In this video you will see 3 highlighted “Cans”. In game you will have to click on all 3 “Cans”. (You will hear a sound if you clicked on the right one)

When you clicked on all 3 “Cans” and collected all 7 items go to the end to the game. There you will be teleported to the secret ending.

If you need any further help let me know!

Thank you so much for playing, but I have to tell you that you have encountered a bug. I slightly misplaced a "trigger" in the game which caused the game to end earlier. You were supposed to go further in the hallway, where you would encounter the monster (There would have been a "chase scene"). But I fixed the bug now!

P.S.: You got the "Corrupted Ending", the "SB-129" Ending is very hard to get.

Well made and very creepy!

Played it on the “Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2020“

Brooo, never seen such great PS1 style horror games!

Keep it up!

I made a short gameplay video of two games and I hope you like it!

I made it to Floor 100!  

It`s a good game and it is scary, but has some bugs (enemy stucks in wall). It would also be great if there was a other enemy or something like this. 

Well done, reminds me of the game "Granny"

A Very Good Game!

Scary and well made!

Nice Game!

Its scary and the puzzels are well made! 

Nice Game!

Creepy and Scary. The flashlight could have been a little brighter, its really hard to see. But all in all its a good game!

Nice Game!