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Wow, man, thanks for this comment. I was struggling to find ideas for a new game that resembles this concept but you’ve just motivated me to simply remake this one from scratch. Because I uploaded it a long time ago and the code base is an absolute mess. Good points there. I’ll seriously take them into consideration ;) Just by curiosity, on which platform did you play it ?

AI Racing community · Created a new topic 👍👍👍

Awesome and well done work. Very interesting to experiment with 😉

It looks awesome

aha merci! :)

Hi! I'd be happy to add a song from you in my game :) I sent you a friend request on discord: leolescargo

Thanks! Aha yes I found out after uploading for the jam that you can be faster than the enemy if you are not moving and only punching 😅. definitely gonna fix that


That looks very good!

How can we contact each other aha I can't find any private message system on itch?

Hi! I can program (godot engine) and do 8bit music

A pixel artist would be of a great help 😊 Anyone here ?

PS: love this jam idea, think the host travelled through my mind

I'm happy to share this prototype game about an idea I had a long time ago

In this game, you have to go as deep as possible without drowning. The map is randomly generated so each try is different. I thought about making some inflating fishes to add some danger and also some pearl/treasures to increase score faster

Just leave suggestions if you have any 😉

That was fun 😊

I can tell you it is not that hard when you get it, well, a bit harder on mobile🤗Anticipation is key. understand each flight instrument and use it as an advantage. Then find the right trajectory and you'll do just fine 😉