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Leonhart Yukikaze

A member registered Feb 13, 2017

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You're welcom ahah! sorry late answer~ Hope you got to enjoy that game

i could, if it doesn't require me direct X or openGL or shits ahah. But even then, that would steal take a huge toll on my computer as in it itself it's not quite a powerfull one. I can't run minecraft, i barely can play panzercorp and some GBA games. Anything too detailed or moving too much is a nope...if i even manage to start it without it telling me "you don't have directx/opengl/unity so rip"

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mate...don't you know how Itch work?

click on "install" then once the download screen pop up, click on the "insall" case, and there you'll see there's the 32 bit default version and the 64 bit ^^ have fun. I wish i could even play this game at all but with my graphic card dead... that's a bit nope for me ahah... it looks fun, albeit a bit complicated. Wish i'd seen the kickstarter... would have so invested in it

also, in fact you even have on this very page the "download" section with all the different versions, aka : linux, mac, 32 and 64 bit ^^

i've always hated blackjack. It's straight up stupidity, randomness and luck based games are my worst ennemy, and it seems this one isn't faring better

hmmmm..... now that's a problem... would be nice to add a decond anti curse scroll at the witch...  because now i'm stuck with that undergarment from the outpost, but having already used the croll for the control tiara...i'm now unable to get freed from it, therefore, unable to get the Lura scene at the townsquare... 

well, it's nto that extensive, but you're welcom and i'm glad you loved it! and i DID enjoy them... but at the same time they just creeped up my alleys... those whispers... thank god i'm not too weak to those things so i still could sleep soundly  xD

that's pleasing to hear...i hope i'll have fixed my internet before then, and got paid by my clients too so i can buy it as soon as it comes out~

i was so much into it, that when i finished this "game" i finally remembered  it  was only a demo....TT
i was hooked...and  now...i'm left hanging... with one tiny finger barely holding onto life!

it's a very good story! there's  a slight lack of saving slots  tho... seing as there seem to be a few choices to be  made... i quite appreciate the characters, and specially "our" character!  the end of the demo gave me goosebumps...that  and every "dream" scene... but those where more goosebumps and chils from how creepy you managed to make these scenes... i wish i could skip them after seing them once >..>

the gameplay is nice ! hopping for more "variations" in the future tho, since only raph and cassandra have a different one so far, raph's being a bit easy.

A few places where accessible via graplin but there was nothing to do in them...maybe for future side quests? there was also an item at the start wich  i couldn't get  to because a stupid goat blocked the way  and  wouldn't bulge no mater what i'd do >..>
a couples of bugs during fights where enemy would do something and the game just stop, sound keep going, animations too, but the fight is stuck at the monster's action
speaking of bug and fights, i ....finished off  garuda with raph's provocation...? XD a bit weird on that one

over  all, very enjoyable...looking forward for the full game...i really am...a lot....JUST GIVE  IT  TO ME ALREADY !!!!  I WON'T BE ABLE TO HOLD ON THAT CLIFF FOR TOO LONG!!!!!!
Hmmhmmm sorry for that. 

Oh also, a few speechs where still in german XD and an item at the south exit of the hollow cave was bugged, no icon, no name, no description. The one you get at the right cave when doing the whole bridge puzzle. That's about all i have to...oh did i miss a good 10 monsters?! and two hiden places...

i  see, thanks  for  the   infos,   as far  as i remember, i didn't  select   a different place, i  just followed to  my folder that  had  the itch app updates,  and  installed  it.
After a good  night of rest  and  a bit of thinkering, i've found the actual folder  where the games  where, for some weird  shenanigans, the games   where in  the same folder as  the  new one installed, so  i ended up with  two  coppies of the games.

But now it raise me another question, i've found the other games  that i've had installed, but i can't find them in my app, nor does the "search  for already installed games" seems to  find  them. They're there, but the app don't seem to find them. I can  still play most of them for now, so it's not a big problem for me since i'll just have to keep the saves and re-install them when i get either my wifi fixed or my datas back, but just mentioning it.

Thanks again for the help, and sorry for  the bother ^^"

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So  Firstly, i appologize if this  topic was  addressed  already, i've already spent half an hour searching for it and i don't have the  patience  neither the time to  search  for it  as  i'm on limited datas until my internet line is fixed  or my phone thingy recharge. And  concideering this is what ensue from a silly update of the app, there's only so much i'm willing to do to avoid people more work  than  what i'm putting ^^" .

Secondly, back  to the topic  at  hands. first of all, my games didn't transfer at  all unlike what was promised by the update announcement~ and not only that, but also all my freaking saves!
As  fellow gamers,  we  can  all  agree that losing your saves, is really,  extremely, infuriating in  certain cases, even more so for myself,  who's prone to saves  loss more so than the averages player (like losing your  FF VIII saves 6 times, 4 of wich you where  mid/late game(and  without doing the "no level up shenanigan")) 
So, question, is there a way to get those back at all?

Alright, that's about it, i appologize again if this  was  already  adressed, and i also appologise if i sounded a bit rude or  aggressive....

ah also, one more thing >..> next  time put a warning that the update require you to restart your computer(unless there  was one  and   i just  missed  it? if so...well my bad  >..< ) >..>  i like, installed  the update 4-5 times before giving up on updating xD and only realised  it needed   one...well the day after i lost  my internet  that it needed  a restart...and  updating with  limited data was  like .... stuck  at  1MiB  TT

hmmmm....i do not seem to be able to  get past  the "occupation selection" screen....all it does  is give  me a  "character is  now ." and  when  i  go  out on  the right  i  then  end  up  blocked  at  the  bottom TT