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Thanks so much for the feedback! Enjoy!

Thank you!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you!
I'm still learning how to transfer the arts from paper to the computer!

Here some sketches:

We have no plans for physical copies. My suggestion is to print the digital version or use it directly on your cell phone.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

I'm thinking of making a text-only version. Adapting the artwork to a paper background would be a complicated process and the result would be far below the original.

Thanks for the quick feedback! No problem, I'll make a adventure! I have several ideas in my pocket!

Hey! My question: does the JAM only accept adventures or can I make a new system that has a connection with the themes?


To end the trilogy of pamphlets.
The Basilisk is coming from the stars.

I'm doing illustrations this time,
pamphlet cover still in progress...



[[Thank you for the comment!]]_

>.:They are segments like the others that are white. But they can be adapted according to the adventure to create a balance of power if necessary./]'[/....

Hey! To find the info you need, visit the base game page: TTRPG is about using your creativity to complete the rules the games provide you. Good luck!

Thank you! 

Advanced adventure means not recommended for beginner characters. The adventure story can completely invalidate an environment that is central to the core book, so it's recommended that characters have been there before to see the location for other reasons. And also because of the level of enemies encountered. I chose to put this information in because the system is new and people might want to play the adventure right away.

Time is a very relative thing from group to group, but I believe that in a single long session during a day the adventure reaches one of the possible endings.

Valeu! :D Acho que consigo separar as páginas para uma versão de celular! Coloco aqui quando terminar ;) 

Hello! Thank you so much! Print friendly version add.  :D

Oi! Em breve pretendo adicionar uma versão PT-BR e outra PB para impressão. ;)

The Birth of Inauro released!

The Birth of Inauro finally released!

Get it now in

A massive sandstorm hits a runaway mining vehicle and a dark ritual begins...

The Birth of Inauro is an advanced adventure for Death In Space that takes place on the desert surface of the moon Inauro. The group of player characters receives a rescue request from a miner named Dante. He is desperate, his crew is made up of a group of women, and they are all pregnant. The sandstorm hides abyssal threats. Finding Dante's vehicle is just the beginning of a spiral of madness and agony that begins to take root in their heads. The birth of an unholy entity, hope or despair?

A rescue signal coming from the yellow desert.

A sandstorm filled with creatures of the abyss.

A strange pregnant crew.

Release soon...

Thank you so much! Stay tuned for more cool content!

Thank you very much my friend!

I loved! Very cool idea!

Very cool project and very well developed design!

A very cool idea! And very well executed! Congratulations!

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Stay tuned for even more amazing flyers in the future!_

Thanks! Welcome to the Cradle Lands! 

\\\\>___Sun or Son?:##
I had never heard about it_
>.:I'll look it up on youtube!}}

[[Thank you!]]_

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Sun_of a_Glitch_lowink.pdf


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request accepted

Files will be added soon for download.////

Stay connected hacker!___

There's something wrong with the sun. Coming soon. #cbrpnk #cyberpunk

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"It all returns to nothing, it all comes
Tumbling down, tumbling down
Tumbling down
It all returns to nothing, I just keep
Letting me down, letting me down
Letting me down."

Very cool idea! Congratulations for the project!

The concept was very well explored.

Muito obrigado pelo feedback <3

Thank you so much! In a few days I will be publishing another game, stay tuned!

@emanoelmelo como posso trocar uma ideia com vc? estou interessado em fazer um material para o CBR+PNK mas tenho algumas dúvidas sobre as regras etc.

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I'm Leonardo Azevedo. I'm a Brazilian game designer and I make a scifi underwater game with light rules.

não fiquei sabendo também. Os organizadores não conseguiram finalizar a tempo seus projetos na JAM. Tinha visto que alguém ia organizar uma compilação de todos os materiais enviados mas não sei se chegou a ser feita... Talvez melhor perguntar para um dos organizadores...