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What kind of SCP will i encounter in this game?

Is it just one SCP or would it be like Containment Breach with more than 1 and have some humans too?

I hope the new update will have the Soviets,Italians and the Berlin Battle

Already did it after i found out about this game on

Does Chapter 2 has it's own page on or is it going to be in one pack or dlc in this game page?

What's the minimum PC Spec requirements? (RAM,Processor)

Just asking,what's the minimum PC Spec requirements?

What's the minimum PC Spec requirements?

Minimum PC Spec Requirements?

His channel is Just King Boyz,and he has been helping me since i 1st created my own channel

Sub,Like or View his video because he has been helping me a lot,and sometimes we play and record together :D

Thanks to him i got more Views and Subs,you can find my channel here

This game is great,but it makes the game harder because the Animatronics move so fast that i even have to close the door for like 5 or 6 seconds later XD

Anyway,my friend upload a gameplay footage here 

Hi there Sinclair,my name is Leo64 and i am planning to upload the gameplay footage of this latest build version to Youtube next week,and it's better if you subscribe to my channel so you will get notified once it has been uploaded

Also,this game reminds me the good old days of Sonic,Megaman,and other platformers way back in the 90s