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I agree with the commentor, these are my opinions and suggestions for the controls.

For climbing ladder, I believe it should automatically snap to climbing ladder by either pressing down or up depending where it is located, since clicking shift is a hassle. For example, if you are on top of a ladder, you can simply walk over it, but if you press down, it would make you snap to the ladder and allow you to either climb up or down. Same when you are below a ladder, you can just press up to climb it. This would make it smooth with controls aswell when you jump up to reach a ladder and simply press the same up button again to climb it.

For the dashing or the movement mod thing, instead of right click I believe shift or any other button that is far away from the wasd such as J is good for it.

For the shooting, I found it unnecessary to use a mouse since you cant aim anyways and can only shoot straight, but then again theres the grenade thing where you have to aim it with your mouse which makes it difficult to decide.

I believe that keyboard controls should be prioritized than mouse controls since most of the population have more keyboards than a mouse to use.

Now for the gamplay, the map is too spacious and most of the rooms have nothing going on in them, I suggest adding obstacles and enemies more and some twist you want.

That is all I have, sorry for blabbering too much but hopefully this comment can help, goodluck on your game my friend! :)

I love the work, also learned a lot from your GitHub 💖💖💖

The problem is that you used a discord channel link instead of an invite link. Please fix that.

Thanks for playin and for your opinion! 😊

I'm glad you enjoyed it! ♥️

Yeah I couldn't find a font to use that could fit the resolution 😅

thank you!! im glad you liked it 😊

the ending was cute and simple, and i love the character designs!
My fav are sapphire and ribbon 💗

really clever naming Fio and i love the art 💗

also foxboy definitely bottom just sayin

thanks so much for playing my game! Yeah I'm use to playing hard, mindnumbing games so my difficulty scaling is warped 😅

thanks for playing! yeah i think i need to make the instructions more clearly and fix the difficulty 😅

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Absolutely brilliant game, love the art and dialogue!! Also i love the android, my guy just wants a nonrobot date and the feeling of love

thanks so much for playing. yeah i'm quite notorious at difficulty scaling, but im glad you enjoyed it 😊

Can the game have both solo play and multi play? or should it only have multi play?

Thanks for playing my game, glad you liked it!

thanks for playing!

thank you for the recommendation!

I like the temporary platforms and how I get damage if I fall at a really high place. I feel that I have too many initial hearts, I suggest only have about 5 hearts at the start.

I have reached the void with a score of 4329. Very nice game!

Nice game.

Nope, you have to download a license.

Thank you so much for playing!

Controls a bit hard, but really nice game nonetheless! Actually impressive you could pull it off in 8 hours.

Thank you so much! I'm quite proud of it myself!

too bad I can't register this new highscore. No more spikes :C

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I enjoyed this a lot! Also the leaderboard part is really cool!

I like how it has 3 different types of games! My favorite game was the boat one!

I like how it has 3 different types of games! My favorite game was the boat one!

I like how it has 3 different types of games! My favorite game was the boat one!

Man I love the minigames! The art is amazing as well!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much!

Cool game, I love the concept of gun & lava!

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This pack is brilliant!! Quick question though, what's the difference between the supporter edition and the other?

It depends on how you interpret. Follow your gut and think what you think is right :P

This page got me trippin. Nice songs btw!

These are all brilliant! I am extremely thankful for this!

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Man, your assets are always the bomb. Also, It's funny how theres a random misplaced brick in your images.

(Huh, I swear that I followed you a long time ago... weird)