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Can the game have both solo play and multi play? or should it only have multi play?

Thanks for playing my game, glad you liked it!

thanks for playing!

thank you for the recommendation!

I like the temporary platforms and how I get damage if I fall at a really high place. I feel that I have too many initial hearts, I suggest only have about 5 hearts at the start.

I have reached the void with a score of 4329. Very nice game!

Nice game.

Nope, you have to download a license.

Thank you so much for playing!

Excuse me, may I know the license of your tileset? I really love it and I will use it for my game, but idk the requirements to use the tileset.

Please let me know what the license for this is! 

Controls a bit hard, but really nice game nonetheless! Actually impressive you could pull it off in 8 hours.

Thank you so much! I'm quite proud of it myself!

too bad I can't register this new highscore. No more spikes :C

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I enjoyed this a lot! Also the leaderboard part is really cool!

I like how it has 3 different types of games! My favorite game was the boat one!

I like how it has 3 different types of games! My favorite game was the boat one!

I like how it has 3 different types of games! My favorite game was the boat one!

Man I love the minigames! The art is amazing as well!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much!

Cool game, I love the concept of gun & lava!

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This pack is brilliant!! Quick question though, what's the difference between the supporter edition and the other?

It depends on how you interpret. Follow your gut and think what you think is right :P

This page got me trippin. Nice songs btw!

These are all brilliant! I am extremely thankful for this!

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Man, your assets are always the bomb. Also, It's funny how theres a random misplaced brick in your images.

(Huh, I swear that I followed you a long time ago... weird)

I got you

Now you're sad

You're welcome

Thanks for playing my game and getting satisfied with the movements! I do apologize about the difficult levels, I didn't have the time to fix things.

Thanks for finishing my game (even though the last level was difficult)! I apologize that you had to try it a billion times to finish it, even I, myself, had a rough time at the last level. I was trying to find a way on how to fix it, but I didn't have enough time.

Very addicting and well-made! Also, i like the name!

Although mr blob gets stuck on walls sometimes and this game doesn't have a restart level button, it's still a well-made game! Good job!

Thank you so much for playing my game! Honestly, there are still a lot of things that I wanna fix and add at the end of the jam, so I'm just waiting and checking out other games  until it ends!

Thanks for trying out my game! I apologize if you had a hard time finishing the levels... you see, I am not so good at level design because I rarely make games and I didn't really have enough time to fix things because I still have school and all. So I thank you for telling me about how you felt about my game, I'll do my best to improve!

Would it be fine to modify them?

Nice little challenging puzzle game! The sfx sounded like I was playing on an actual Nokia!

Woah what the- this is epic! The graphics and animation are bangin, one of the best i've seen so far!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the game! I apologize if you had a hard time with the levels, I'm not so great at level design.

Thanks for checking out my game! Also, I intended it so that you can't see the character when you switch because it's that type of game where it trains your memorization skills.

Nice game and nice mechanic, I'm just not used to manually restarting the level after I die.