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i have that too. i couldn't figure out why his examples of the paper crumpling looked cleaner

cool. thanks for the update

this is irrelevant but man it would be cool if you had a glitch art blender shader.

first of all, this is awesome. it looks really good.

second point is if it would be possible to auto detect the aspect ration of the input image because it's default state works well on landscape images, but throw something in with more vertical space and you have to go in and adjust your sizes so you don't end up with a distorted mess.

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edit: the program gets stuck once i try to edit a page

this is for all of my fellow linux users.

1. install bottles (a flatpak application for dealing with wine

2. make an application bottle and go into the dependencies section and install aairruntime

3. and that should be it

Deepdwn community » Support · Created a new topic Linux AppImage

I just saw a video that apparently the latest ubuntu release breaks compatibility with appimages and they won't run on there. I personally don't use ubuntu, but if it's true could you provide a non app image release. i've seen other apps release a tar.gz for linux distributions. typora has one and sublime text as well. if this ubuntu issue is affecting appimages, the tar.gz might be useful.

there's a bug with the images folder. if you put another folder in there just to have a bit of organization, zoner will only transfer the folder, but not the contents. this happened to me the few times i tried it on linux.

could you make a version without the prev/next post thing at the bottom and a way to have images get loading=lazy tag

Deepdwn community » Support · Created a new topic Auto Save

Linux / Appimage

I turned on the auto save feature and it's not saving at all. I have to manually save the file. The way i tested this was unintentional. I edited a document (erased like one or two lines and added a header) and i didn't save because i thought the auto save would kick in. Well i came back to the document fifteen minutes later and in the sidebar i could see the document name still had that unsaved circle symbol.

i think pandoc's markdown conversion thing interprets \newpage as a page break, but i think that's something to do with latex. maybe you could something similar. let the exporter interpret those latex lines

I didn't know page size was possible. The way I export is by opening preview and then save as pdf. I haven't seen any customization options.  I would also like to be able to create page breaks for each top level heading. Typora does it and it works well, but I always get quirky stuff with my pdf exports.

It would be nice to be able to adjust the pdf export. Like i want the size to be a5 or i want the margins a bit thinner or i want only top margin to be this specific size.

Deepdwn community » Support · Created a new topic HTML Image Export

Arch Linux / Appimage / 0.31

When I export HTML, the image doesn't export. All I get is the alt text. The image gets exported in pdf.

i think it's really neat because it avoids people forgetting to close off their brackets or tick marks or whatever.

Deepdwn community » Support · Created a new topic Linking Bug

Arch Linux / Appimage / 0.31.0

To create a link to header within a document you just enter [Name Of Link](#name-of-header-no-spaces)

However, deepdwn has an issue linking to headers with an apostrophe. [Name Of Link](#name-of-header-no-space's) that would not let me ctrl click on it. I tested it in typora and it works perfectly in there. I also tested another document just to make sure the error wasn't in my file and i got the same result.

Deepdwn community » Requests · Created a new topic Table Of Contents
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To create a table of contents page isn't very difficult to do. All you do is enter this

[Name Of The Entry](#lowercase-name-of-header-without-spaces)

It would be awesome if deepdwn could automate some of this because it is a bit tedious to do especially if you want to do this after you already typed up a giant a document.

This is a nice feature to have. Once you type a bracket or a parenthesis it would be awesome for the program to automatically add the end bracket. Like the autocomplete for tables but with brackets.

It would be super awesome to have some mellotron sounds to pick from.

I just end up converting the wav file into a flac file or an mp3 file, so it would be really awesome if export options were added for other audio codecs.

Logic pro has a really fantastic drum feature. It brings a ton of customization. Just check this out. I understand that something of this level won't fit the simple nature of the 1bitdragon, but a way to add a bit of customization to drums would be awesome.

Nothing crazy, but a panel with a simple set of toggles/options. things like a simple equalizer (maybe like 7 frequencies to tweak), a way to choose different reverb settings, and other things like that. They would be limited in terms of customization to keep things simple and the settings would be global for that session

Maybe something like obsidian's command palette could help. You can remove shortcuts for items that will easily fit into the command palette and those that wouldn't fit get shortcuts. like preview/exporting can be in command palette, but something simpler like increasing/decreasing indentation gets shortcut keys

  1. tried it with a readme from a github project. no watermark and everything is there
  2. tried it with the app's demo document and everything is good there too
  3. tried it with a random document i made and everything is good too
  4. tried it with document that led to this bug report and it works.

maybe it was just a random glitch because i can't recreate.

the best way to explain this is to check out the Left text editor (electron version) by 100rabbits here on itch. the editor has a really nice way to navigate headings. you just press ctrl and one of the brackets and you can easily navigate between all the headers that your document may have. i know those keys already have functions in the app, so a  different set of keys would be needed.

i just tested it and your onto something. the bug first showed up on a table that definitely has fifteen plus rows. i just tried to recreate the bug on table with less than ten rows and i didn't notice any lag.

power mode is off

Deepdwn community » Support · Created a new topic Pdf Export
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Arch Linux / Appimage / 0.31.0

To test the app out i wrote up a keyboard shortcut reference document. It's just some tables, nothing crazy. I exported a pdf and when i opened it in firefox, page one of the pdf has a watermark in the center. It says Your Preview Will Appear Here (but in regular sentence case). It's sans serif, probably the regular weight. The font is differs from the font of the pdf's content. I can even select the watermark.

edit: i think i know where the watermark is coming from. i noticed while clicking on the preview that the phrase Your Preview Will Appear Here quickly flashes on screen as the document loads. i think that notification or popup is somehow making it onto the export itself.

if you go in an empty cell and just hold down a key, as the cell fills up you'll see it start to lag. i think the slowdown is more visible when you're typing things out in a normal way and not just holding down a single key.

Deepdwn community » Support · Created a new topic Table Bug

Arch Linux / Appimage / 0.31.0

Most of the table stuff works (at least for my simple uses). the issue is that if you go in a cell and start typing gibberish to extend it's length, the app starts to slow. you can see it get sluggish. I am testing this with a two column table. 

oh my goodness. that's exactly the kind of thing that i wanted. thanks

In obsidian there is a community plugin called Advanced Appearance (could be wrong since i don't use obsidian anymore). My favorite thing about it was the color options. Deepdwn already has the accent color option (which i love), but that obsidian plugin had another option that would let you set the color for the background of the editor. something like that would be really cool for Deepdwn.

got it. can you add some toggles to collapse the side panels because i really don't like seeing them unless i am directly interacting with them. i know i can drag them, but a small button would be quicker

Arch Linux / Appimage / 0.31.0

Everytime I click on distraction free mode or enter the shortcut key, it takes me to fullscreen mode. I thought maybe fullscreen and distraction free mode got switched, so i clicked on fullscreen mode and that works perfectly. The only way I can get into distraction free mode without going into fullscreen mode is a three step process. 

1. open distraction free mode even though it opens it in fullscreen mode

2. press the shortcut key to quit the app, but make sure you have a file open that needs saving because it gives you a popup

3. press cancel on that popup and you will now be on a non full screen version of distraction free mode

I got this error: application descriptor not found.

I am running this or trying to through WINE since the itchio desktop on linux integrates with it and everytime i try to launch it, I get that popup