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clicking simulator

pretty fun so far, just a bit repetitive

the photos mechanic is super cool!

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pretty cool concept. I convinced her I needed life-saving medicine and I'd die if I couldn't get it myself. Takes a lot of affirmation that you'll return for her to agree tho.

pretty neat game!

my fingers hurt 10/10

10/10 game.

Really takes advantage of the low rez! Neato!

Artstyle and odd puzzles are very lovely. Thank for the spoiler free hint doc as well :)

seeing the little dudes waddle around was very nice

this is amazing. it feels so dreamy but poignant. I like it a lot. 

this was crazy fun. I literally spent hours finishing this game and its 4am now. I dont regret it tho lol thanks for making this.

very frustrating to play. Having to watch your lives go down one by one is very demoralizing. Also not being able to see whats in the next screen and dying instantly when entering the room is way too common.

Fun, the conversation was more realistic than most VNs have and its a charming read.

I spent literal hours on this, 10/10 game. 

so adorable!!

10/10! really nice. feeds dopamine to the part of my brain that likes ticking boxes.

great idea and even better execution!

Utterly beautiful. I am at a loss for words to descibe the specific feeling this story gives me. its something between meloncholy and contentment.

Quite nice. Although its rather short, the atmosphere is really nice.

Very nice!

Super fun! Really creative idea, would love to see a longer puzzle under this premise

I've never downloaded this but as a fellow artist, this is some amazing work!

Very fun, accidentally stumbled into 2 optional fights lol

This cured my depression. 

Very beautiful story.

this is so specific thank you


This is really fun but a little confusing. I keep dying to the missile part. I avoid it for a while but nothing happens and time just ticks away. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to click real or not real. 

This is the closed any piece of media has come to being like a dream. I love it.

Lovely game! I'm excited to see what you create in the future!

immensely fun! perfect level of challenging!

Very cool idea and execution

impressively cute and fun.

I was playing this thinking "this reminds me a lot of colorbomb's games" and lo and behold he worked on it too lol

You just have to click the cash register when the bird is there, there is no item.

absolute bop

Very fun and cool idea! 

This is so neat!! I need to make something like this.

Cool concept but very confusing (at least for me)

The day is a bit too short too. It took me 6 days to fully explore the island and read all the notes.