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Lemon Boy1104

A member registered Aug 19, 2021

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Year ago, I stuck on level 3. Now THIS TIME, I'm stuck on level 5

Maybe Fio and Crow got killed by Sofia and Crow remembered his memories? I don't know, because I'm still played the demo version. Maybe Sofia is obsessed with Crow but Crow rather with Fio so Sofia get revenge?

Random stuff

I already imagine their full body;

SPACE FROG (Hobert) : He wears a indigo astronaut.

EARTH CAT (Jay) : He wears a scientist jacket.

SHEEP : Just a normal sheep, but it's in space, so maybe it's a unique sheep.

BEAR (I named her Hannah) : She wears a red marching band clothes, stick, and a hat.

RABBIT (I named her Sophie) : She wears a white dress

And BTW, the story is Cute and Awesome!!!

Cool!! I like his game!

Can I named the character? It will be sound fun if I named them

It's so rare to found a Indonesian game on, I didn't play the game I just want to say

Itu sangat langka untuk menemukan game Indonesia di, aku ngak main sih, cuman mau bilang aja

I will name him Stephen

Cover all with a bread, so that he won't see you

Here is the screenshoost

Before I show the screen shoot, I have a question: are you in the HyperBeard?

I think I'll show the screenshoot

The game sounds fun, but I can't play it, because I'm using PC

It's a Spoopy game

Fire did killed Olivia

nO, is because the guy is only an props(extra). Also I wish if Doggy save the guy, the guy will be the new owner. The ending name will be Escape ending / Home sweet home ending.

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Lulu, Olivia's REAL pet "dog". I don't know where does Lulu come from. Maybe Lulu is from Olivia's experiment because I think Olivia obsess with alien creatures.

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(Lynis, please read this and reply to me of your opinion)

Hi! I'm ever played the game at my old laptop(but now is broken so it can't be fixed. Also I'm using a computer right now). The game is fun and nice!

If I were you, I would update the game(again).

Changes I wish:

1. Detailing the other NPC in the game (Dogs, Cat, Ann, Belle, The guy that tied-up in the closet, and The old man that Olivia thinks he is the next door neighbour)

2. Escaping the guy that tied up in the closet and turned into escape ending / Home sweet home ending(Doggy saves the poor guy, and the guy is the new owner of Doggy)

3. Draw other face's of the other NPC in the chat box(The old man, The Dogs and a Cat at the park, etc)

4. Doggy new replies(example: When Olivia's basement gets on fire, Doggy says: "Olivia.....You must go to hell! Because you k1ll3d my F****ing Family!!!")

5. The character has a voice(Olivia, Ann, Belle, etc)

6. Lastly, they have a scene(Olivia takes a hammer to hit Doggy, When Doggy talk to his elder brother, Choco{I called him Choco BTW})

And that's all. Ouh and also, You inspired me to make a room art ^^

Maybe we can't save the guy because the guy is just a props right?

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When I watch Game Theorist Channel talking about this. It was John Shize the 3rd's son, John Shize the 4th(but it's just a theory)