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not sure if this is where I should be posting this, but I'm looking for a team

I'm a developer and can program in Java/Python/Scheme/JavaScript (mainly experienced with Java though ... I hate maven, please don't ask me to use maven) but lately I've been more of a supervisor than a programmer ... anyway, I'm looking for a team to work on this jam. I have a few ideas of the game I want to make but I'm open to anything 

yeah, the timings are a bit off ... the cells heat up too quickly ...

try click and hold on the left mouse button and the red cell will eventually change color ... I think I'll just rename this to "the worst thermostat"

thanks! but it  seems like I won't be able to complete this game on time ... 

I have uploaded the source files to git if anyone's interested in looking at some badly written code  and will continue  working on my game as well as write a blog post detailing my experience with this gamejam. 

thanks for hosting this! It was an interesting experience ... 

git repos:

err ... hi! I'm using biwascheme with an html5/javascript frontend ... just curious about how much non-lispy language can I use? I know this is a bit late but ... hey