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lisp to non-lisp ratio

A topic by lelnguye created Oct 20, 2017 Views: 264 Replies: 2
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err ... hi! I'm using biwascheme with an html5/javascript frontend ... just curious about how much non-lispy language can I use? I know this is a bit late but ... hey 


If the game logic is in Lisp I don't see the problem. You'll need to use foreign libraries for any project, even if it's just SDL or OpenGL bindings.

thanks! but it  seems like I won't be able to complete this game on time ... 

I have uploaded the source files to git if anyone's interested in looking at some badly written code  and will continue  working on my game as well as write a blog post detailing my experience with this gamejam. 

thanks for hosting this! It was an interesting experience ... 

git repos: