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Not sure if it's my computer that's to fault here but everything is black, I hear the character walking and see text but nothing else.

Just checked the video Meuawan made and from what I can tell there is no lighting.

Fun little space romp, spend way to much time watering the plants though. :D

I was working on a remake of a Atari 2600 game called Airlock to looking like a Gameboy game, I was making some good progress early days but as the days went on I started to procrastinate too much resulting in the footage below.

I'm going to continue working on this as I really want to see this become something playable.

I feel like I've also learned a lot while working on this little project.

Hey all, I'm struggling with an idea for the theme so I'm making a platformer and was wondering what you all would deem essential to the gameplay?

So far I'm working on art at the moment so no game or levels have been designed yet. 

I got so far:

  • a basic player sprite
  • collectible small and big coins
  • floor palette changed tilesets x3
  • animated water/lava/void,
  • two possible mobs
  • end of level and checkpoint flags
  • a couple of obstacles.
  • basic bitmap font.

After starting to list these I did think about possibly moving platforms so I will do art for them in a bit.

Are there any other things that could be in a platformer?

Looking forward to see what you make.

I really enjoyed the look and style the game has, really had a N64 look to it.

I did get stuck on the level with the small cubes you bounce off, just couldn't seem to get any further,  I do feel the scale of difficulty is pretty fair though.

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I can see alot of work was put into this just by looking at it but I couldn't seem to figure out how to play the game on my phone.

Feel like I've missed a tutorial or something.


After restarting the game I realized that I didn't miss a tutorial, seems weird that I can't do anything except tap on the cards, the game looks designed for phones too as the screen aspect lends it straight to it, I must be missing some minor detail on how to play it.

This is an area where users of Untitled Arcade Game can report any bugs to the creator.

This thread is for players to submit ideas for features to add to BONG Arcade.

Share ideas for new features here.

This thread is for sharing any art you've made that relates to Untitled Arcade Game.

This thread is for everyone to share their scores, when posting your score please note the settings used and the version.

This thread is for users who have issues with Untitled Arcade Game and need some support.

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I forgot to untick hide so the links so the downloads haven't shown up until now. 

Silly me.

I originally was working on a straight Pacman clone but I thought that there were so many of them out there and wanted to mix it up abit with using the colour change feature.

Sorry about that, not sure why it didn't work, I just tested it just now and 404 so my bad.

Try this:  You might need to scroll though it to see all the posts.

These below are the posts if you don't want to wade through my other posts.

First post is on the top then the last is the bottom link, the middle post is where the most content is.

Check my website out for a couple posts I've added recently on my project.

I include sounds and screenshots of the game there.

Also check the page for my game here which has some devlogs, they are cut down versions of the posts on website.  I'm likely to change the cover image though.

I've been seeing lately that Bong Arcade has been consistently played by many of you guys, how many of you would like a version for Android?

I would be making it ad supported if it did turn out people what it, I can add the option of removing ads for a small fee or after a certain amount of play time.


That's cool, I'm enjoying working on my game so far and look forward to releasing it.  :D

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Has to date changed for the game jam?  Sure it said only a few days left, if it has that is great as I could do with more time to add polish to my game.

I just noticed one of my games end up on the same site but in the game my name is plastered all over it, including a icon that links to my page.  It's kind of sucky but it's giving me free marketing, can't complain really.

Enjoyed the game, it's got potential, I can imagine something like a procedurally generated maze of doors and each play through being a different maze.  

Enjoyed the game, only issue I have is being forced fullscreen, other than that good game, played right to the end.

It's okay for a game that's made quickly but you really need to spend more time making it easier to play, It's near impossible to see where the player is and I could not get past level four. 

Such a great idea, loved it. hope to see more of this if you plan to expand it or make a second game.

I loved playing it, not sure if it's just me or it's just my personal preference but I found the keyboard fire and jump buttons were flipped around to what they should be.  I got to the second boss which gave me some difficulty due to this and resulted in Game Over, I saved it to my Desktop and I'll give it another whirl once I have time.

It was fun game, I felt some of the sprite graphics were a bit inconsistent but it didn't detract from the overall enjoyment I had.

Loved it and the atmosphere was great.  

Can't vote but really like it, I did get stuck on a level on my first try, not sure but I think bad ghost was destroyed as he never appears. Not sure which level it was.

Tilemancer crashes at the start, I'm using a laptop with quite an old GPU. Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 128mb.

Just found your app and looks like it could save me loads of time, Is this GPU to old and not compatible?