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Thanks for your review and tweet! As mentioned on Twitter, I believe you played the original demo, so I hope you try out the latest one and leave another review :) I'd be interested in knowing what you thought improved between the two and what, if anything, you thought regressed.

Hey, thanks for your kind words and for reviewing the updated demo! I hope to see this finished in the future as well :D

You have some nice ideas here that I will certainly keep in mind. Some of them are already on the list, but here are my thoughts about each of them anyways:

  1. changing clothing already exists, however, you are technically equipping armor instead of clothing and there is only 1 option currently... if you make it far enough in the demo, one of the shop owners will give it to you
  2. the plan is to have a lot of unique weapons one day.. right now there are 5, but hopefully will end up with 24+ unique and 100+ variations (different stats/abilities)
  3. an inventory is planned (here's an old preview of a mockup, though looking at this now makes me want to redesign it) and being able to hold both a melee/range weapon is also planned (i'm thinking left click will be melee and right click will be range)
  4. potions/looting i'm still unsure of, but certainly a possibility
  5. there's definitely going to be a mini-map, but i like your idea about having to purchase it from one of the shop owners... that seems like a cool/fun thing for players to unlock
  6. a better layout for shop owners is planned.. there will be a main town outside the dungeon where all the shops are / additional NPCs
  7. mini quests for the shop owners i have never thought of, but sounds interesting as well.. perhaps there could be a "daily achievement" type of shop where you go to get gold for killing X amount of enemies in one day, etc.
  8. mixing up the dungeon floors/rooms is something planned as well.. definitely a lot of room for improvement there

Thanks again for the review and list of ideas! I very much appreciate it and is always nice to receive feedback.


Cool! Thanks for your thoughts/feedback. I left a bigger comment on the video itself.

Wow, that's awesome! Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it :)

Awesome!!! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed watching it and left a humongous comment on the video with my thoughts about your thoughts... Hope you don't mind! :P

Not a problem! You took the time to create and upload a great playthrough, so it's the least I could do :)

Thought I'd let you know I also posted a tweet and Kickstarter update linking to your video, so hopefully I can bring a few views your way!

Thank you so much, Kathryn! I really appreciate it! I left a giant comment on YouTube :)

You may want to update the title though, as Eldermir is spelled 'Eldamir'.

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What is it?

GoE is a retro dungeon crawler roguelike featuring four dungeons, dozens of weapons/spells, character progression, permadeath and more!

Where is it? page:

Kickstarter 'Pay What You Want' campaign:

How's it look?