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This game is amazing.

- The idea of bumping into enemy and only damaged by enemy's damage box (you transfer a 2d fighting game into this genre. 

- The knight sword is interesting

- Later waves with rats showed progression as it become super easy

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The boss's different stages and various attack patterns are great.

Object Pooling will greatly reduce lag much more than destroy bullet ever will. (The reason is because it will create the objects beforehand so you will just have a loading time in the beginning. Creating gameobject in the fire stage is extremely laggy)

Lv90... met the biggest brute ever (for awhile it was boring) It should scale up faster

This is the 4th screen

This is the 5th screen

This is the 6th screen (where I quit)

Thank you very much!

thank you very much!

This is a horror game

thank you for your feedback!

yep! there is 2 stage to a boss at lv9 and 10. I plan on continuing with this game to make a different boss every ~10 levels.

The environment seems dream-like and the art is beautiful. However, that movement (maybe design for mobile?) but it is tiring my hand with all those different direction tapping.

Everything is great, fit the style of a gameboy precisely. I don't know about the theme though.

YES YES YES Undertale-style game! I love it, everything!

The theme and art is a child-friendly theme which is great

Sound effect is good

The game play is cool, especially putting the smiley face and changing expressions

You can walk off the map which is bad.

  • The mechanic of shooting sideway is nice and innovative
  • The enemy movement seem unpredictable - which is good
  • there 2 different enemy - cool variety
  • There is no UI -  no score
  • You say it ended in 2 minutes - I didn't time it but I think I play longer than that
  • There should be a timer if it is going to end
  • Sound and art is great

3 Color period as in the same RGBA even for the options  and black and white count in the 3 color too.

This game is also available on google play as an app. You can search for the game by typing in "pub:LegendaryVN" (case sensitive). The website is here:

Absolutely magnificent