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Thanks so much! If you ever get a chance to play I’d love to see the artifacts!!

Heya, stoked you’re excited to play!

So this game uses a “roll under stat” mechanic. During character creation, each stat is determined by rolling 6d6 and writing down the sum (with the exception of demonology).

When you try to do something with an uncertain outcome, you roll d100, and if the d100 roll is under your stat (not equal), you succeed.

If you have an advantage, your “gender” applies, you can see them bleeding etc., your target to roll under goes up by 10 for each relevant trigger.

Let’s say you’re near the end of a fight with a tech witch. You have a gun, she’s already beat up (bleeding) and your Meat stat is 25.

If you say, “I’m gonna shoot the tech witch”, your target to roll under is 25+10+10, or 45. It’s better to roll high. Because the 10’s place determines damage, so it’s best in that situation to roll in the 40’s, but 30’s is good, and if you roll under 10, well, at least you didn’t fail.

Long explaination. But I hope it helps!! Have a great time! :D

We’ve done the voices thing for your games before, but this is the first time we were all yelling in joy/anguish like we were betting on horse races.

One thing in addition to what Rath said, we really got into the way that conditions forced us to move around to different angles of approach, both to optimize our rolls, and to deal with negative conditions “safely”.

There is a similar mechanic in a TRPG called TechNoir, but those conditions are much stickier than the ones in Betrayal At Club Low. I think that having them come and go quickly does a lot to make players think hard about when to play non-optimally, and I really want to see what it would do in an RP context.

I want anyone reading this to know that I just played a run of this game with a voice chat full of 8 or so ttrpg designers and literally every single one of us is going off to write games because of the experience.

[BXLLET> JXM community · Created a new topic THANK YOU

Thank you everyone who participated in this jam, I really loved reading every single submission. You all came up with totally brilliant and surprising ways to expand the lore, world and mechanics of [BXLLET>.

If the game isn’t what you’d hoped for I’d be more than happy to arrange a refund, provided you can show me a proof of purchase.

Also, just a thought, we’re all artists out here, whether we make games, machinima, draw, make music. If you’re going to engage people this way, consider how someone might treat your work in return.

  • each a broken heart
  • every shot a cry heard in the night

oh, this fucks, hell yeah

there’s no emoji on here but you know…


Hey gang! Rathayibacter has kindly graced us with the original formatting, “X” graphic, and a quick way to access the font Special Elite for use in your supplements! If you want to use any of this stuff to help build your hack, you’ve been grated permission!

IDK how accessible this stuff will be after the JXM is over, that’s up to Rath, but it should help hurry along any dev you may be doing!

Get all that goodness right here!

​[BXLLET> is absolutely phenomenal. A mechanical punch in the teeth to every gamer-grognard who has ever said “you need complicated mechanics to model combat”.

This game is completely lovely, I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Provided it doesn’t violate the rules, which I doubt it would. ❤️

Please do!!!!!!

This game takes everything I like from systems like Apocalypse World and Tech Noir and turns it into a streamlined, rules-light system.

Brilliant stuff.

Thanks so much! I was originally designing it for a collection of system agnostic microgames that never actually came together, so I’m glad you see that potential in it!