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Legend 888

A member registered Jan 25, 2021

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Is it possible to make walking dog or a monster that has many legs like a spider with this? 

Well, your example actually helped me and with some work of my brain I actually could make what I wanted and it worked; probably not the best way but what matters for me is that it works. I made a lil donation (I just felt bad for using it and not give support I am not rich or have a lot but I donated what I thought it was fair :D ) for the example and I hope that in the future more people come and support this project because is 10/10 and probably the only example in the internet right now as far as I searched.

I apologize for asking too much, but is a little frustrating how popular is gamemaker now and there is too little to none about networking and steam p2p system on the yoyo games website. And I thank you for the example on this website it actually helps a lot but for now I think I'll stick with a singleplayer videogame this thing of online is far complicated for me and is driving me crazy . Anyways, thanks for replying.

could you make an example to send enemies, bullets or even items packets