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Material Maker is available for free and appears to have a lot more attention/support than this, I recommend marking this as "Name your own price" so it can get some attention, or releasing a demo version!

This is simply amazing.

Is it just me or is version 0.3 crazy long compared to the ones before it?

I'm kind of addicted to this. The only thing I would change is instead of deleting the balls you have, it'd be nice to "sell" them for half of what they cost you or something.

Super cool that this exists. My only suggestion (if you are ever planning to update) would be to allow shooting behind you with the B button, since it seems like you have to do this awkward "run, turn around, shoot, repeat" dance for every interaction.

Any more details? How it was developed? Tools used? Language, etc?

This is very cool! I think it would be great if there was like, an example pixel art scene or something that you could apply the palette to on the fly. As someone who's not great with color, it's hard for me to imagine a palette in use when I'm just looking at the ball graphic.


Great, thanks!

Will there be a Mac version in the future? This is great!

I didn't see this in the public list so I apologize if it's already there.

I made some really large models, like an entire battlefield with castles and stuff, and it's apparently too big to export as a sprite. I can't zoom it out enough. I'd really like to see this in 2.0!

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I believe you can render without lighting and then add it later in your engine, but idk if that's what you're looking for

EDIT: Actually I've tried setting shadows to 0% and the lighting still doesn't match up right.

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Please, this. Detailed models are a huge headache without this feature.

EDIT: I actually just figured out a sort or workaround for this. I took my model I wanted to be grouped, exported it as a 3D model with the pieces merged, then added it to a custom collection. Not the most elegant solution, and there's no way to UN-group them, but it works for what I'm trying to do.

I bought the standard version today but I'd like to upgrade to the deluxe version in the future if I end up using this enough (I think I will), is it possible to upgrade without paying the full price of the deluxe version?

I love this editor but I hate having to switch back to GM:S2 just to compile the game. Is there any possible way this editor could sort of run that command in GMS:2 to avoid having to switch windows? It's not a big deal when I'm on my desktop with multiple monitors, but I do a lot of laptop coding as well.

GMEdit community · Created a new topic Animated scroll?

What exactly is animated scroll? I can't tell the difference when it's on or off.