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Thank you so much for playing! :D We really enjoyed your humor haha 
(We were confused at the very start when you said Kat is dead, but to be fair, the wording for our synopsis is kind of lousy x'D Glad you enjoyed it anyway!!) 

Thank you for playing it !! We're happy you enjoyed it enough to play it twice hahah :3
(Also yes, Yuppie Psycho is really cool :D )

That's such a high compliment :'D Thank you so much!!

We're so glad you liked it ! :) 

It should work if you stand in this spot and hold UP and LEFT at the same time on your keyboard, or DIAGONAL UP+LEFT on your controller's D-PAD or analog stick.

Oh, what error are you getting? 

Thank you!! The locked door is not accessible in this prologue ^^ 

Thank you so much!! ^^ We completely agree with you, but the "1 ending" in this scenario was necessary for reasons we cannot reveal yet ;) 
The full game will have multiple endings though ! 

Thank you so much for playing!!  We're so happy you enjoyed it :) 

Thank you so much for playing !! ^^ 

"There is always another way"  ;)

Hi! First of all thank you so much for your helpful comments ^^

We're aware that many players find the current controls inconvenient and we plan to include an option to remap them in the full game! In the meanwhile, players can use a controller if that's more comfortable to them.

We're also aware of the sfx/music issues and we plan to fix it on the next version, sorry about that ;-;

As for the comment about lack of context at the beginning, we'll definitely take a look at it :) 

Thank you for your support ! :D 

We're considering translations for the full release of the game, but nothing is set in stone yet ^^ 

Mercii :D À date ça sauvegarde automatiquement, mais on considère un méthode de sauvegarder manuellement aussi pour la suite! 

Thank you so much! We'll work hard towards the full version! :) 

Thank you so much ! ^^ 

Hi! Thank you for the comment ^^
We thought the objective list in the menu (along with the "objectives updated!" popup), and the ritual instructions would be enough to guide the player. However we might need to make these more clear... Sorry to hear you had trouble with it :( 

We're sorry to hear that! We appreciate your feedback from the rating though and will take it into consideration! :) 

Thank you so much for answering the survey! ^^ 

That's amazing!! It's so cute! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and fanart :) 
(Kai: I've been staring at it all day <3 And I love the shadows in the window)

Thank you so much for the detailed comments!! We're really glad you liked it, we will keep working hard!! :) 

Thank you!! We are working on the next release ^^ Stay safe! 

Yes, it's perfectly fine! :) 

Thanks for playing our little game and for the kind comments at the end! Your playthrough was very entertaining to watch, glad you enjoyed it!

I can honestly say those enemies in lvl 5 of Celeste freaked me out too hahaha (I don't like things that dash towards me :'3 ) so I respect your choice :D
- Kai 

I think we forgot to reply here :'(  We're sorry for the delay! Your issue should be fixed in v1.0.2 of the game!

Thanks so much !! You can find the soundtrack on youtube actually :) Here

Thank you ! Project Kat is the prologue to a larger story, so you can expect a continuation! :) 

Thank you !! And thanks for taking the time to fill the survey !

Thank you for your detailed comment!! We understand exactly what you mean about the 2nd part, it's definitely something we would like to improve ^^ However, only accessing part of the doors is intended for this "prologue" for reasons we can't explain yet ;) 

Thank you so much!! :D 

We will !!! ♡ Thank you for your support! 

It's psychological horror, we can't spoil the ending but it shouldn't keep you up at night ;3 Sleep is important !! 

Thank you!! We're working on it and will post updates :) 

Thanks so much!! ^^ 

We love you for loving it ♥

The game will AutoSave pretty often !

Oops! Mind telling us how you managed to do that? (You should be able to close and reopen the game, it saves regularly)

Don't worry, there is only one ending for now !

Thank you so much !! We're glad you enjoyed it !