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Nice work on the sounds and music! The puzzle design is cool and definitely challenging. Also good job on making each size feel different. I found myself switching sizes just to better control the ball in-between puzzles. Nice work

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it


Thanks for the feedback!

Simple, but very well designed. Also the UI on the top left was excellent communication

Congrats on finishing your first game jam! Pretty fun game and nice use of theme. Everything is also communicated perfectly in game either visually or through sound. The jump feels floatier than normal for 2D games, but I think it fits the gameplay here. Nice job

The pixel art aesthetic is very well done. You did great with setting atmosphere with the sounds, lighting and snow.  I feel like the mechanics could've been communicated a bit better. It was hard to tell why some stuff was happening (e.g when and why the green bar on the hunger bar drops to zero)


Ooh, I never thought about different keyboard configurations. I might have to think about that one in the future. Thanks!

Great job with making the player feel the difference in size when they transform. The atmosphere of the game is nice. I liked the concept, but the grapple was very unpredictable and hard to control most of the time, which is a shame because I genuinely wanted to get to the ending ;)

Loved the art and the transformation mechanic is pretty fun. I was a bit stuck on the controls at the beginning (A & D not working). Also If you let players start the game with Space instead of left-clicking, then they don't have to reach for the mouse everytime they want to play again, usually if gameplay doesn't use a mouse then the menus don't use the mouse either. Great job!

Thanks! The background is a cartoonised version of this texture: (I probably should've put this under the assets used)

Didn't enjoy it myself, but the concept is cool. It would have been interesting if the gameplay changed a bit more the higher you went. All the sounds were very well done, nice job there! Also for your next web build it might be a good idea to think about the window size if you don't want players to have to enter full screen to play the game

I died when I saw that I had to fight the plate of salad lol. Nice work in building up the power fantasy

Hilarious concept, lots of juice and well polished. Nice job lol

Great fun to play and super polished! Was it intentional that the ammunition doesn't run out? After the first enemy  I had no reason to use the sword again

I was thinking the same. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, the short sword takes care of most enemies early game (especially if the small blobs don't spawn often). Playing around with the health and damage is a great suggestion. Thanks!