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Doesn't work. It still slaps her, but doesn't insert figer.

Maybe because sexual slavery is the point of this game...

Other games do what you're asking for, just play those.


I have plenty of dispell magic scrolls and can't use even one.

I got a gem of seeing with 12 charges and can't use even one.

I own the "tomb of horrors" IRL and don't recognise the map of this Twine. 

The only way shown to me is to pass through the mist a second time for instant game over. 

What about the way you're supposed to open using a magic ring into a coin slot in the second room ?

Before the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa, I can't quit training Gohan.

I turn around and around but I can't figure where I have to go to start the next game chapter.

Since all those times killing wild beasts again and again, I may have got levels enough to one-shot Freeza (joking)... but I still can't find how to regroup with Goku's friends and fight the Saiyens.

I encounter the same problem and there's no "right loading"

I can see a poster taking about one third of the screen in the very center of the screen and nothing else.

I mean, Orka really often brings me to "bondage" stance during fights, but I just have to "break free" to get out of this. As simple as that.

no valid storage adapters found

at Object.e (

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more than 4000 $ of income each month on Patreon, that should give you means to hire help..

Nope. It's not about how many choices you have, it's all about balancing.

Stikes and holds have similar hitting power, but strikes damage once per attack while holds do continuous damage as long as it's not broken.

When a strike can do 20 damage par attack, holds do 10 damage per second, during 4 or 5 seconds. Hence 40 to 50 damage per attack.

holds are far more powerful than strikes.

If you rely on strikes and your opponent on holds, you'll hardly win any fight

Xbox Controller.

I may be wrong but I believe that problem wouldn't happen if we had to use the cross-shaped directional device on the controller.

So you wouldn't have to add a way to set the controller analogic directional sensitivity.


the character is always crouching, you have to go "up" to walk, to go "up" to strike, to go "up" to move, to go "up" to parry".

I can't even pass the parry sequence of the tutorial.

My keyboard is azerty, ther's no way I can use wasd.

Why the hell many developers don't implement arrow keys ?

arrow keys are always at the same place, whaterver keyboard you're using

If there were something that seemed like a control of my character moves, I could tell if I like this game or not...

In the current state, it's close to unplayable.

It's impossible with a mouse, too : the pink ball is wider than the lower part of the shrinking tunnel

It's not a matter of tremors. It is impossible : the pink ball is wider than the lower part of the "tunnel"

Many files on the download link, each of them is too big to download.

I don't even know if I need all of them

That worked. The tutorial should tell that : it wasn't intuitive to me.

Thanks to your answer.

I see the starting (higher) platform and the wooden platform I can't reach.

I can't go right.

behind this platform is another platform

on this lower platform, close to the higher platform, there is something that could be flowers or mushrooms that has no effect : I don't bounce on them and if jumping from there, I'm blocked by the "roof", even when trying to manoeuver.

behind the lower platform, there's the ground.

on the ground, close to the lower platform, ther are pink mushrooms that have no effect on my jumps et I don't bounce when landing on them

just right to those pink mushrooms, ther are green mushrooms I can't manage to land on, since everytime I try, no matter how I do, the chararcter lands on the lower platform.

I'll add that whatever game I launch, the first thing I do is trying arrow keys, I won't even try to use the arrow buttons on screen...

I tryed the other available character and I'm tired of fighting dozens of unwinnable fights with the very same opponent. If it's the point of this character to lose, don't make it a game, make it a visual novel.

I don't have access to "gold" characters and I'm not interessed in having it.

how the hell I am supposed to play this game ?

The sword girl is insta-losing and I can't find a way to reach the platforms.

I saw a text telling "falling on a mushroom makes you jump higher" but no mushroom on the screen has any effect on my jump heigth.

many teddybear-then-cactus-then-titjob cycles.

Corruption increases fast this way

I'd like to get some tutorial in order to fully understand what I'm doing. Especially according to the "break" and "formation" commands.

It's a well done demo nevertheless.

Arrow keys, please !

(1 edit)

maxed corruption, maxed cravin, 3 cactuses, still no sex, since I "didn't max out her addiction".

I've been doing everything that's possible again and again in what looks like an endless loop.

(1 edit)

I may be dumb but it seems my bowman just can't attack.

Either I move out of foe melee range, or my foe is next to me.

In both cases, my bowman can't shoot.

I noticed that enemy bowmen can shoot after moving, from greater distances as well as when next to my swordman.

I can't open chest or purchase in shop.

I tried every button and I ryed just standing there for a while, to, nothing happens.

Do I miss something ?

Thank you.

I finally got some new things. I'd be good to have some more hints about this, since I'm new to this game and don't know how to play the beginning parts.

What I don't understand is that the main character ( i.e. : I :-p ) has already been pegged several times and apparently enjoyed it a lot, but still don't do butt fuck at the glory hole.  That seem's strange to me.

And the wardrobe is still close to empty after many different encounters (2 shirts, 2 panties, 1 pair of stockings)

The game is way far better than what I told previously. Please accept my apologies about that. But it's still too slow-paced for a H-game, to my mind.

That's no a statement about the game quality, which is pretty good (good artwork, no glitch). That's just I don't have enough time for playing this game.

I can't give a good mark to this game, although I'd love to love it.

Robots AI is my concern :

When I program my robots to "shoot on the deadliest enemy", I intend those robots to actually kill the deadliest enemy as soon as possible to quickly decrease the amount of damage done to my forces. So when there are 2 "deadliest enemies" in range, they should concentrate fire on one of them UNTIL DEATH.

But what they do is shooting at the deadliest enemy until this enemy's HP is down to close defeat (i.e. : 1 shoot from being down), then they turn to another "deadly enemy", keeping the enemy forces to full-damage-inflincting.

Moreover, when I change program from a robot to "go farthest from enemy", I don't intend this robot to charge the enemy forces.

Lots of enemy were on the right (east), not even one enemy were on the left (west). The bot could only go right or left... it choose the right, jumping right in the middle of the enemy force.

To my mind, this kind of AI is game-breaking.

I'm aware I've got no real control over my bots, but I would expect them to act logically, according to their programming and immediate surrounding.

Anyway, this game gives me a lot of hope, since I love its concept. Fix the AI to make it enjoyable and it will be a great game !

and how to do all this when the only things you can do is :

- handjob at the glory hole

- blowjob at the glory hole

- blowjob in you bedroom

- being milked in the lab

- hypno research in the lab

- nothing else


The same happens with me.

 Right now, the game is nothing else than pure boredom.

I'd like some footjobs fetish, too... and foot worship, too.

Sorry if there is some already, I didn't go very far in the game and didn't encounter any by now.

Hi, I found out a way to install and play the game. It reminds me of Corruption of Champions, in a way, and I find it really great in its current state, knowing it's still in development.

Some notices I've got, are :

- I'd like the final product to show pictures matching the choices we make on character creation (boob and butt size, and espacially skin and hair color). I know it's a lot of work and I wouldn't personally mind if we finally didn't have any choice on all this. Like in old-school JRPG where your main character/s are clearly defined by the developpers once and for all.

- it would be nice being able to work the character's inventory in town rather than having to go out, working inventory, then entering again. Especially when shopping. But it's a comfort issue, not a critical one.

- after stealing some gem from an ogre while not being stealthy enough to not awake her, almost all "ogre" spots on the map tell "lvl 3 : sleeping", but they attack me as son as I get to their place. Is this a glitch ? (I believe it should tell "lvl 3 : hostile")

And some questions :

- is there a way to reduce distance during fights ? Centaurs seem OP to me, since as soon as they withdraw to engage ranged fight, it's certain losing. There's no way I can get to close combat again and they shoot me to death. Having a bow and arrows helps little, since engaging ranged combat is successful only with full HP and being first to shoot.

- on the other hands, enemies are able to come close at will, making ranged fights an opponent's choice, not a player's choice.

- is there a way to increase dignity ? purity can be increased by winning fights, but I can't find a way to increase purity. I think it should (slowly) increase with time, or when archieving encounters without sexing... but, that's your game, you choose if it's a good idea or not.

- while starting a new game, I now have got a window showing several options, like more gold, more stat points... etc... I can't select all of them. (only lvl 1 of some of them). Are the other options reserved to Patreon ? or do I need to go further in the game to unlock them ?

That said, you're doing a wonderful job !

quote : "people like you actively suggest to these devs that a gender option should not be added is selfish"

I would answer : people like you actively suggest to these devs that a gender option should be added is selfish.

It's not insulting, it's just arguing as well as you.

I tried after downloading the latest winrar version and it failed the same way.

I tried with the latest version of 7zip and it worked.

Thanks for your quick answer and advice.

After one or two hours of play, I can tell it's a very promising game.

corrupted rar file

A bit too long, especially when your green bar is depleted and all you have to do is waiting for the game over.

To my mind, it would be better :

1- to be turn-based rather than semi-real time

2- to have some "rest" command to raise the green bar from time to time.

It keeps telling me the file isn't a proper archive file or the file is corrupted.

I downloaded again and got the same result.