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This game in the best Indie Horror game of 2019 so far (IMO). With it's multiple endings, and amazing audio quality will give anyone a good scare. I would love to see more like this.

Exciting!!! :)

Even though I actually missed a bunch of the game in my play through, I still had a great time. I'm definitely going to be playing this in the full version. I tried again off camera and I really enjoyed it.  Can we expect a full game this year Devs??? or is it already out??? Great work team. Killin it! :)

This game is Berry Squeezing Good. Get it, Do it!

Oh that happened!? haha all good, It made for a fun time anyway. Great work mate.

Behind all the stupid memes, You will find a very impressed gamer after playing this game.. Well done Dave. Love it

Poltergeist Disposal Unit is a game that looks like it has a unique style and mechanic, but you don't think it will be that good right? WRONG! This game is so darn cool. I'm so happy I found this game buried in a sea of average Indie games. Well done Dev. I really hope you have more like this in the works? 

I honestly think this game cured my cold. It is that fun to play! 

That may not make sense , but seriously you need to play this game. Or at least watch me suck at it. Considering this is the work of a solo developer, I think it's really good. Well done mate.

It's so great to see Aussie devs bringing out quality games. Yes this game is not perfect, But it has soul, and it has meaning.  I think too many people on here judge these games as if they have been produced by AAA developers with AAA budgets. Great work team. I would love to see more form you as you progress in your studies.  Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. 

BTW.... Is Molly ok? :(

This game is amazing. I was going to make this video with my usual face cam and stupid voice-over, But I didn't want to take anything away from the game. This game should be seen as the developer made it to be seen. Please enjoy. Lest we forget.

I beat you to a game for once 😂 it’s definitely broken but this game shines in visuals alone. It’s more art than game.

oh snap! That would have been cool! I also feel like a found more than 8 clues as well... but as a concept of a game, you nailed it. And on the concept of an artistic experience, you double nailed it. Keep it up. I’m planning on checking out your other game as well. 

I made a game review of The Colony. At a glance you can see what this game is like and if you might enjoy it. I call these videos Game Glances. No Face Cam ... No BS! Just honest unspoiled reviews.

Is this game full of bugs.. Yes. 

Did I care? ... No. I actually loved this game on its visuals and atmosphere alone. The weirder the better.

This game sucks.... 

Is what I would say If I had NO taste or appreciation for dark artistic masterpieces!! Seriously this game is everything you could ask for in a dark, sophisticated piece of gaming art. Well done mate, and like everyone here I'm super keen to see more.... Sooo much more.

I made some weird faces in this game... I also turned into a pretzel. So much loling! Great game team. I had a lot of fun with this one. :)

Another solid game PDdev. You have this mannequin spook thing down pat ;) MORE!!!

I have titled my video for this game - "The most amazing Indie game ever made"... And I bloody mean it. 

This game broke my brain with it's unexpected awesomeness. I liked everything about this game. If you like mind bending horror adventures, I highly suggest that you play this game. But if you are short on time, I have made a video of all the best bits. Thank you so much for this game Colin and team. You have made my year.

BOOO! I'm not good at secret endings :(

I did a little bit of Urban Exploration as a kid, But now I think I might just stay home. Cool little game mate! Mannequins are creepy enough alone, but you have taken the fear to another level. I would love to see more like this. Hopefully this game gets your foot in the door somewhere. :)

I made a video of my scary fun times. ;)

This game is exactly why I love It's fun, Indie and makes you feel good after a short game. Great work team. 

You could even call this a "Kissing Simulator" if you liked. (see my video for details) LOL

I had a lot of fun making this ;)

Don't be fooled... This is literally a game about standing in a line. But the beauty of this game comes not from the game itself. It is from the player being aloud to create a situation that is both unique and interesting. My situation turned out very weird. I nearly pee my pants, Travel to the gates of heaven and meet Channing Tatum. 

This game is what you let it become. And for that, it is a great game. Thanks devs! Love it haha. :)

This game is such a great idea! Well done team! I have made a quick game review of Constellation for anyone that wants to see what the game is about. It will be a great addition to your next party or social function. I would love to see how extreme this game can get :)

I will be waiting ;)

Simon! This game rocks! It's artistic and powerful. 

I especially like the different prospective angles you use in this game. It's just great and everyone needs to play it. Now I do joke a lot in my videos, but don't think the symbolism and beauty of this game is lost on me. Great job mate. We all need a little hope in our days sometimes. :)

This game is sooooo ADORABLE! I loved it team! I want to play more. It was nice to chill out and play this for a while. And when you finish it, you just feel good. Look forward to seeing where this game can go :)

And the award for scariest horror game monster of 2017 goes to.... Never Again. 

Great work team. I enjoyed every heart pounding second of this game so far. :)

I can't wait to get back into the game for part 2.

This game is sooooooo cool! ..... But really short. I personally would like to see more! Do It!! doit!.

This game is epic! I had flash backs to the 90's the entire time I played it. great work team :)

This is a fun little game that I hope to see more of. The following video is part let's play, part tutorial on how to completely stuff up your video intros. Enjoy :)

Alice In Wonderland meets the SAW movies... BUT EVEN BETTER!

Nice! Keep it up!

Somehow you have made a good game even better. Well done Scott and Maria! I just had to make another Let's Play for my channel. I did have some slight bugs with the draws and pages (see video for details) but they definitely aren't enough to effect the quality of the game. Can't wait for more like this. :) Thanks Mate!

This video is an expression of how this game made me feel... I spent hours rocking in the corner after playing this game.

On a serious note this game is cool. Sometimes all you want is a simple funny game to play during a lunch break. Good work team. :)

Great game mate!! Say no to drugs and just play Static Desert! I would love to see more like this, and the QR codes where an interesting touch. Keep up the good work team. I made a let's play for my channel if anyone is interested. :)

YOU ARE SUCH A CHAMP stevecash83! I have been looking forward to playing
another of your games since 'My Child'. You are going places mate, and
we are coming along for the ride. Awesome Game you have here, keep them

MORE! MORE! MORE!!!!  :)