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You probably noticed the balcony on the right of the manor. All you need to do is find how to get up there. Combining objects in your inventory is necessary to achieve this goal. Good luck, heckos!

There's one way to get into the manor and it's not through the front door.

If you need another hint, don't hesitate. :)

Thank you for your feedback.  I'm happy you figured it out :)

As I wrote it (clearly not optimal), by pressing F, it's supposed to switch between 720p (windowed mode) and 1080p and put the game in fullscreen if your windows resolution is in 1080p too.

I hope it worked smoothly after this incident.

I really need to spend more time on resolution settings for my next game...

Glad you found out how to get the game in windowed mode. :)
Just pressing F is supposed to do the trick.

Thank you for playing my game.  :)

Hi! I'd like to submit my game "I want to be a Triangle":

Thank you! It's not much, but if you enjoy it, i'm glad :)

Hello! Thanks for playing the demo and for the review. :)
I'm working on another game at the moment but be reassured Calvin's still on my To-Do list. I'm gonna reshape it though!