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Can you make the option to implement it on VS OPTIONS CORE?

Remember to update my plugin, i added a lot of features

enjoyed playing this!

Hey thanks for use my assets! <3

And hoe i can edit keyboard names? in left i put in in spanish but in right shows in english

Is possible to add a option to adjust the window for non default screen res?

Looks strange

Another question how i can add it to VS Options core? for some reason minimap dont appear im using free version

That sounds very good!

Work with galv layer graphics?

Is possible to add new features or fix some bugs?

With GALV Plugin

Yeah im using full parallax no tilesets

Doesnt work with parallax, light and character dissapear on map.

For example in the formations, party members show at top of the rectangle not in center

Can you recommend me some settings for 1920x1080 resolution? im using 4 characters

The plugin dont adapt well for 1920x 1080 res

Can you make a spanish version of the plugin? is harder too translate :c

I have no error in console, the image with HUD is 1.5 , and without it is 1.6.1

the enclyclopedy interfaz just dissapear, only keep the background image, when i use 1.5 workks perfect

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i have ver 1.5, when i update to 1.6.1 all encyclopedia hud dissapear for some reason

Maybe will be useful add a option to remove color black and red lines, makes problems with the char are movin for some reason if you use a zoom plugin the line shows at bottom

Can you make a downloadable version?

Some way to add this to visu menu?

Can you add the psd files?

Not work for me

Caz, can you accept my friend request on discord? im having a problem vith the day/night system and i need to ask some questions ams share some screenshots L̴e̵a̵s̷h̴a̴X̴#5884

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I found an error when you repeatedly enter and exit the game menu it ends up crashing with a hw filters error

some setting recomendation foe hdr+ bloom?

Agradezco que hallas entrado a mi pagina, espero puedas ayudarme con una donación, sino un comentario bonito ayuda mucho, cualquier critica será tomada contractivamente y se utilizara para mejorar!

Se ven genial bro!


Can you add dungeon tileset? will be so useful!

You make custom sprites? i need make 3 chars for my project