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with how small the numbers are i think it makes a difference to show it. even you listed what could arguably be a broad range of numbers!

there's a big difference if you're like, fighting 3 fly guys and each of then do 1 damage, than if they all did their max. you could block 3, or 9! that's a massive difference in how you're gonna approach the situation. 9 is just short of half the starting hp, and 3 damage feels like "eh, i'll heal it next round." y'feel me?

and yeah. the purple fly guy sucks. i hate that guy >:(

excellent game! so so fun. i'm gonna be replaying this for a while i think x)

bit of critique: 

like PandasFly mentioned below, knowing how much damage enemies are going to do would be very very helpful with this kind of game. at it's core, this game is about strategy, and strategizing how to take the least amount of damage would add just a bit more thought into a player's turn.

in Backpack Hero, a similarly strategic game, you can clearly see how much damage an enemy is going to do and how much they will block for. this changes the way you approach your turn. do you deal the most damage you can, to help your next turn? or, do you block as much as you can to take less damage? i believe this kind of system would be perfect for Die in the Dungeon.

another bit of critique, a much smaller one: when i played this for the first time, i didn't immediately see where the button to end my turn was. it has a similar style and colour to the 'board' so it blended in. it didn't take long at all to find it, but i think this may be a small teeny problem with clarity?

anyway, good game!! love this a lot.

this was so good!! so fun. i loved this mechanic


this made me feel things. i knew it, i knew it, i knew that the MC was gay just from the dialogue about marriage and Jess, and generally everything else. it's just something we experience all the time. it's hard to describe. there's like a wall, but softer. a soft barrier.

this was just so...  just so... augh. i don't know!! a lot!! but also. calm. a little. but also, a lot!! how am i supposed to put a feeling into words?

i like that this was in a car. such a classic place to come out. loved this a lot. art is superb, writing is superb, game is superb.

Okayy I have a bit of criticism I'd like to say.

I. Am. OBSESSED with this game. It's so addicting, I play it every day. I get past the final boss nowadays almost 100% of the time. BUT, there IS one thing I dislike about the game, a simple quality of life change I feel is necessary. When you have a build with lots of mana, and use ONE item/wand to deplete it, using up every. single. little. piece of mana takes a CENTURY. It is soo long. I love this game, literally so much, it's so so good, but this needs an update. Maybe... holding the item down would sap connected mana fast? 'Cause it takes so long. Just so so long.

Look at this build, for example. A ton of mana, one use for them (the Ring of Doom) every use of mana, shows a little feedback on what exactly it is affected ([Ring of Doom -> connected weapon] x3) which is fantastic! It's so clear, so easy to read, but when you're there. Clicking. WAITING for that feedback to finish so you can click again, it gets a bit much. Way too long. I mean, I could read a whole book before I get all that +2 DMG for each mana stone. This goes for wand builds too. Anything with magic takes too long.

I love this game a lot!! Seriously, it's literally so good :D these builds are a drag though :P

it stands for "visual novel"!

I really enjoyed this! Played through it twice!!

Oh this is so good!! I thought this was gonna be a rage game like most games I see with these kinds of controls but it was super nice! They handled so well, you can even run. Fantastic idea & fantastic execution. Great job!!!

This game is fantastic! The velocity-based movement is so satisfying and the control(s) work extremely well. The level design, perhaps because of the brevity, is packed with quality- and the difficulty is perfect! I can't find a single complaint. 5/5!

this was really good, i enjoyed it a lot!! as for criticism the upside down level was a little frustrating, but that could just be me :p

other than that the gameplay was fun! and the replay mechanic was executed perfectly. solid game!!

This was a ton of fun! like another comment mentioned, the slanted platforms were a little iffy and the ending was a tad long but those are minor complaints. i had a nice time and for a first game this is super good! great work!! C:

I enjoyed this! It's a fun concept and despite how short it was, it was still nice to play! The camera was super smooth and I liked how the controls felt. Curious to see if you'll keep working on it !