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Thanks a lot ♥

No, I focus on Early Access first :)


THIEF ! I draw those sprites ! :O

You could have say where they come from at least (Spikair ♥) :P

The game is funny but really hard. Maybe making the hitting movement faster would help :)


It's a pretty funny game :D

I'm the dev of Spikair Volleyball and I wanted to know if you were interested by sound effects (SFX) to add punch to your game.
I can share with you :

- hitting the ball

- ball touching the floor

- crowd cheering for a spike IN

Of course, it's 100% free ♥

Here :)

There might be a mobile port but this would be after the release of the V1.0 so not soon :)

I started volleyball with Haikyu too :D
Nothing is impossible as long as you keep trying ! ♥

Maybe in the Steam version ;)

We tried to port it on mobile but FPS were really low... T-T
However, we might try again later ;)

I reached the end and saved the universe :D

"conGARtulations" xD

The difficulty is just perfect ♥

Don't you think it would be better to have the original experience with the N64 version (emulate ofc) ?

Hi everyone,

I made a devlog to show what I've done during the 3 days of Wowie Jam 4.0 :)

Hope you'll like it ♥

You won ♥

Here you are :D ♥

Here you are :D ♥

Thank you very much ♥

Thanks ♥

Thank you ♥

Ah ah having such nice ranking for each category feels already awesome :D

Thank you very much ♥


Thanks ♥

Wow thanks a lot ♥

I've played about 70 games and I feel like it's already so much. Can't imagine reaching 100 :O

Thanks a lot for those beautiful words ♥

Le but n'était pas de faire un guitar hero mais de faire un jeu où les joueurs ne peuvent pas perdre :)

Glad you like it that much :) ♥

Thanks ♥
And yes, I totally agree with the "less is more" approah :)

Thank you ♥

I just recorded chords which sounds well together and same for vocal notes :)

Thank you ♥

(1 edit)

I have always tears to my eyes when I read that people got touched by the game.... T-T

Thank you very much ♥♥♥

A really fun game :D


  • too much text in How To Play (it’s impossible to remember everything)
  • start is too hard
  • the shop isn’t clear
  • it's hard to differenciate the time, gold
  • scroll mouse to change between turrets would be great
  • when you wan’t to buy 3 turrets, you need to change your weapon location (1, 2, 3) between each
  • hitboxes are too big (I got stucked by ennemies and here, i can’t move on the left :

Just something like this would have help a lot :

The game is still really good ♥

Thank you. I'm glad to hear that the game made you feel something ♥

Thank you ♥


Yeah, this is the 2 game object we talked about but I'm hoping for a better system :)

Nice idea / humour


  • voice is awful for ears (but also funny xD)
  • no real tutorial (icons are too little and fade away too fast)
  • no feedback (for the stove, I clicked everywhere and pressed all my keyboard keys xD)
  • images are too static (the robot could just move a little bit to feel “alive”)
  • texts are really hard to read

Sure ♥

We all improve to become better and better ;)

Thank you :)

Do you know how to do this ? :3

We talked about using 2 different game object but I'm looking for any idea ♥