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Doesn't work on my PC :3

(UnityPlayer.dll is missing)

(1 edit)

Could score any point T-T

(nice music and feeling when you can triple backflip :D)

The physic is kinda strange but nice idea :D ♥

I stopped when I reached 1000pts. You should add music and increase the speed over time :) ♥

It's hard :O

The whistle sound is really loud and it's sad that the music cut for every point :3

Otherwise, good work ♥


Simple gameplay but nice music, sounds and artstyle :D ♥


You should add videos of gameplay on the page :)

Don't spend too much work time on boobs :P

I need a VR kit :O


+1 for videos ♥

It's so hard :D

Dude, even if it's minimalist, it's quite interesting ! :D

BORING ! S*** u* NERD ! :D

Hi guys,

It's been 1 month since the release of our volleyball game Spikair :O

We rethink a part of the code and add new stuff :


- Background parallax

- 2.5D net

- Screenshake


- Fails (changes when you press too early or too late)

- The ball can hit the net and... falls on your side.... T-T


- New sounds for defense

- Remixing of the SFX

You can try the game here :

Yes, it's the best zone cause the player will do a special attack :D

We're here for feedback and I'm happy to read that you're talking about it cause it's EXACTLY what we've plan :D
It will show Miss, Ok, Good, Perfect, Miss B)

Thanks ! We're happy to read this :D

To answer the question, I got to tell you that we're gonna change a little bit this system. For the moment it's power of attack like this :


We're creating a new system which changes the 70% into FAIL ! :D

Don't worry ! We are ON :D
Stay tuned for the news ;)

Wow ! Thank you really much for this. We really appreciate ♥

Merci beaucoup Kraken guy :)

C'est bien noté pour tes remarques. On va ajouter un peu de variabilité dans la musique. Pour le contre, on va garder un seul bloqueur mais faire reculer les 2 autres en défense. Car OUI, le passeur se tourne les pouces xD

Thank you really much :)

Well, we're looking to add those variations :

Which means, if you press button too late, ball goes on the net and if you press too early, it'll fly like a plane :D

Can we play this new game ? :)

As my beemate says : "bzz bzzzz bzzz" B)

What jam ? :O
Ah ah ! We need more volleyball games :D
And yes, it would be a pleasure to have feedback from another volleyball game dev ♥

Ah ah thank you ! It was fun to dev it and we're thinking of what we should do now. Keep going on this project and make it big or making a new game :)
What about you ? :D

Nice idea ! xD

Please add an IA :)

Nice idea with crazy music & stuff :D

This music ♥

Good Music, Good art style, Crazy animation. Controls are a bit hard but it's funny ! It's always tough to make an IA xD

Good choice for your assignement and good clone :)

Add keyboard please :3

Strange gameplay but still good with a stressful music :D

I love the idea but we feel like we control nothing :3

The game is still good with those animations and we can see that you had fun :D

Might be too slow :3

Cute idea of bees playing. Controls are slow but feel good :)

Maybe the sounds are too loud and aggressive :3

Good design, good music ! Just the controls might be hard :3

Really interesting idea :O