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Hi Crazygamer84, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Here is the game fix=>

There is an in-game roulette game mechanic. 

We are running our own bundle. Thank you for the offer.

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The itchio version is the full version which contains graphic intimate scenes between  females.

thank you. Hope you enjoy the game with a extra scenes

Lol, thanks for spotting that. It was the old artwork which we made that spelling error.

We have updated the files. Thank you for letting us know.

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18+ uncensored version here on

2 female romance-able characters. No male romance interests.

2-3 hours

Yes there are female romantic interests

It is the full version with graphic intimate scenes between females. Do you think we should have two versions to download?

After a disastrous encounter with the Imperial Fleet, you and your hapless crew manage to trundle into Cicero Lunar Station, in the rogue Tucana Quadrant. With your ship in tatters, your crew seriously judging your ability to lead and your bank account as flat as a pancake, you need to think of something really good to get you and your lot out of the station before the next Imperial Inspection.

“Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy” is a Heist Comedy Space Opera Visual Novel where you play as Captain Leo Mancini, a tenacious and charming Space Pirate always looking for the next big heist.

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While visiting her sister in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, Hannah finds that she doesn’t quite have enough money to do all the sightseeing she’d like to do. Fortunately, her sister’s best friend offers Hannah work at her café for the three days before Thanksgiving. Those three days become crucial as Hannah discovers who she truly is while working at the “Café Deux Femmes”.

“Café Deux Femmes” is a coming-of-age, slice-of-life Yuri Visual Novel and Dating Sim where you play as a recent college grad who is trying to find out where they belong in the world and what they should do with their life.

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