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Wow, it blew my mind.

So pretty, I love how the ocean changed every visit and how simple and emotional the dialogues.

Best game experience i had here in

Beautiful work!



This is amazing!  Thank you for sharing such quality content!


I've been there too. But it's okay we don't know everything, we are learning in practice. 

I'm available for team up too, i have experience with Gdevelop 

This is cinema - Martin Scorsese

Its crazy i was looking for a background like Connection City game and yours is perfect! I really love your art!

Wow I was able to finish my game before the end of the jam for once xD

You are the best !

This whole game works bc your help !

My friend, you comment just made my day!
I'm still doing some little updates :D I''m VERY happy someone played my game!

Thank you

You are literally a pioneer in the Gdevelop using the 3D extension. if you think about. That is one of the first 3D games made it with and looks so beautiful.

Props to you and Pandako for developing it.

Thank you so much for sharing such very useful information!

Hi, I'm really impressed. Can you tell me more about making this game? I would love use gdev to make a horror 3D. But since is new i would like know more about it

I wish this tool could be s little more modular.

I work with Gdevelop and takes forever to separate each animation, sprite by sprite. I hope more update comes to this great tool.

Hi Dani, I just saw the Jam results and I came here to give you my congratulations! I hope we see each other in the next Jam ! 🕹️🎮

thank you playing.  I appreciate for the comment. I will add instruction!

Well done. It has the Atari vibes to it ! 

Well done. It has the Atari vibes to it ! 


Great sounds, and looks so adorable. I played on Mobile 4wins vs 1 losses. I could definitely see this as a full mobile game. 

So Cute ! 

Great sound FX !

So Cute ! 

Great sound FX !

The soundtrack and the art match so well !

Wow what a beautiful game! The soundtrack and the enemies, I can see the nostalgia elements in the game art style like gameboy collor, the helmet guy really surprised. I liked the game difficulty too, made it really challenging and fun! Nailed!

Such cool idea.

The Audio is so good, I love the voice overs how the sounds like the board erasing or when the teachers talk "correct". 

The Art looks so pretty reminds me that popular game "Draw Something 2"! 

thank you for playing!!! :)

thank you so much for sharing your input!  I'm very happy to know someone played my game!! I will check out your game once I'm on my desktop :)

A new link to the game its available. No download required! Thank your for your comment!

Hello Michael, on my first build i was learning to publish, now the link is available to play it. !

Thank you for your comment! I was able to update it! its available in the browser so no download required.

Me too

I'm sorry it's my first submisoon. It supposed to be play on web. I will be updating it soon !

Thank you for letting me know. I will be updating it soon !

Dope game ! So fun . The aesthetic my favorite thing!

I got stuck with hot pizza in my hands :O

This Game is so good, I really enjoyed the theme and the sound.!

Beautiful pack

I love racing games in this style!