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A member registered Nov 28, 2020

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Really sweet game!

Thank you, that solved my problem! Love your art!

Hey bro any chance you can provide the svg files? Im having problem scaling it :S

Hi again, your licensing doesn't mention for printables, my plan was to use your cute art in a sticker. Would that be a ok?  TY!

Hello can i use this art in my non game project? thank you

Sounds like a great idea, I havent used core yet as dev but i played before. I would suggest share the link to your game.

Looking foward! Your art is gorgeous

Beautiful Art!

Love your art, does it have characters sprites too?

Such cool game, and I gotta say it's so pleasing be able to play it on my phone without any download. It really made it feel I was playing on Gameboy again .

Well cool project! Give me Agony vibes but in 2D! Well done!

OMG this pack is so well made, you can clearly see it was designed with love. Thank you for sharing and organizing the files.

Beautiful art!

Thank You! Soon or later i will find out  :D 

Does anyone know how to import the characters animation on the BuildBox correctly ? 

I'm about to start developing a game and when I saw this pack I knew i had to get it! The plants are so cute! Its kinda of pack where you can see the designer put so much love on it.