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I may upload more levels today

I might be drunk because I couldn't make one good path. Great entry.


Idea: Local multiplayer with input for both of the characters. 

I had a lot of fun playing it with the loud music even with CPU winning all the time.

Loved the effect when shooting man. Great game.

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I never could be good at Tetris, and with this game it's different. Now I'm not good at Tetris and Tetra. 

Great game, loved the graphics.

Thanks for your feedback. Trying to collect all the "bugs" to upload a final version late this week.

Pretty cool game man. I don't if this is supposed to happen, but the astronaut is not appearing and I'm on a 10k score already :s

Highscore: 4777

PS: Loved the game.

I was trying to become a Bad Force pro player but I couldn't complete level 2.

An endless runner with no rewards but with good aesthetics.

This one reminded me of Happy Wheels with the automatic levels. Great entry.

Loved the puzzles but I'm not that smart. Only reached chapter 3.

Great idea. Took some time to get used to the controls but its fun.

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I lost a lot of time playing this.

Pretty cool man. The controls are easy and fun to play with.

Thanks. I may rename the game to fountain of win