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Thank you very much for your feedback!
We'll try to improve the gameplay part heavily next time. :) 

Thank you so much! 
We'll work hard to make the next game feel less boring ;) 

Thank you for this review!

Yes we intend to keep working on this game (ok, a new installment) and to improve it a lot. 
More Point and Click lements or in general exploration and finding clues are on our list! :) 

Thank you!

Thank you so much! We're glad that you enjoyed our project!

Sadly we currently lack the possibility to deploy a mac version.
But we'll keep it in mind! Sorry. 

Thank you for this helpful feedback. We'll keep it in mind while working on our next game. 
Luckily we already have a long list of things we'd want to change and add, which includes the gameplay features we could not add during the time of the gamejam. ;) 

And thank you a lot for leaving a vote! <3 

Thank you for you indepth feedback! 
It's super helpful and we'll make sure to improve with the next game.

It will be a joy to have more time to add in all the gameplay features we'd like, ha ha! 

We're sorry.
The limited time of the gamejam kinda got us at the end and we had to scratch a few gameplay elements we would have loved to include.
But we'll learn from it and improve in the future! :)

A big thank you, because you still took the time to leave a comment!  

Wow! Thank you so much for this detailed review Hadecynn!
We've learned a lot and will improve with future projects. And since we'll have a lot more development time, we'll not have to scratch features again! Haha. 

It's super helpful and we'll make sure to check out your game to and give you some feedback! :)

Thank you! We're glad that so many people still enjoy it, even if it's far from perfect! :)

Thank you so much for that super helpful feedback Dezue! 
We're learning a lot from this gamejam and will improve in the future :) 

All of us are looking forward to check out your game, too! 

Thank you Alan!
Took a note saying: "more exploration and interaction" to our feedback list, so we can improve that within the next title! :) 

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and the feedback just1witness! 

Thank you PVGames!
We promise a better gameplay experience in the future (in a 2nd game)! :)

Aww! That super nice. Thank you so much! :)  

Thank you!

Thank you sooo much!

We hope we can deliver and bring you either a remastered version with a bit new content or an all new second installment ;)

*Puts a note to the checklist* More thugs to beat up. ;)
We'll keep that in mind for a remastered version or a second game.  

Thank you very much for the review! We're happy you enjoyed Dear Edwin. 

Thank you very much! 

If you can think of anything that you'd love to see improved feel free to let us know, because we're currently planning to polish it a bit more or make a second installment, that has all the elements in it that we had to leave to due to being short on time. :) 

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and for leaving a comment.

We had to scratch some of the events/gameplay elements we intended to put in there due to being short on time in the end. Sadly.

But we plan to remaster this game or jump to a second one that will feature everything we originally intended to be in there PLUS takes the wonderful feedback we're getting into account. :) 

Thank you. 
But we prefer to keep only the english version for now. If we ever plan to translate it, we would most likely hire someone.