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Zbyt wysoko podkręcony poziom trudności niszczy początkowy entuzjazm. Gra ma typowy problem czyli niewykalibrowane odpowiednio hitboxy. Mam też wątpliwości do sterowania, szczególnie przy kombinacji W+W+Spacja. Ogólnie grało się przyjemnie mimo, że nie jestem fanem tego typu grafiki (przez brak jasnego przekazu gdzie co jest). Do zastanowienia jest wybór broni, wg mnie lepiej sprawdziłaby się broń dystansowa. Kolorami i informacją graficzną można się pobawić (np. zmniejszyć świecenie gwiazd czy dodać ramki do postaci aby odcięły się bardziej od tła). 

Thank you for your feedback, will be done, Sir.

Nice game, hard to master, my highscore is 46 but I'm still trying to get more. Nicely done!

Nope, I prepared only HTML5 version since it bases on Phaser (JavaScript game engine).

Is this gamejam ranked? or games will be reviewed in any way?

This game is nicely done. Particularly, I love the graphics. The only small drawback is the jump feeling, which is a bit odd for me.

Hi, can you provide more details about it? Do you have JavaScript enabled? What browser do you use?

Yeah, I know about a double-jump, but still I can't manage to finish the level, but maybe I've played too short :P

The game is 10/10 BUT it's too short!!! Comrade! Please, fix this.

The music is the best. The game is nice, but levels could be shorter or the ball should run faster.

The game is awesome, but it's super hard. I couldn't control the character as I want to do. The graphic is minimal but that's OK, the music is fun. I would play more but the second level frustrates me too much :)

The game has some nice ideas, but I really can't get the rules. The UI looks ugly in compare to the backgrounds and characters.

The game is very nice, a lot of interesting levels, music is great. I've had problems with the level 12. How many levels this game has?

Hi, we've improved a lot, the game seems nice this time :)

Hi, we've improved a lot, the game seems nice this time :)

Hello, thank you for your comment, we're working on it. I hope that the game will be more fun to play. The controls are limited due to the gamejam rules, yet we're trying to make them better. I'll inform you when we fix all isssues.

Hi, thank you for your comment! Yep, we know the issue and working on it, the game is still in development and we're fixing jumping. I'll send you a message when all problems will be solved.

Thank you for your kind words about my game! I've already add your suggestion in the tutorial, but I have to wait with uploading it till the end of the gamejam's voting.

Thank you! I'll do the ? button in the afterjam update!

Fantastic work!

Go on! I really appreciate such a contribution.

This game is great, I've stuck in a few places, because of the lack of vision, but after one or two restarts I've managed to complete. I think the game could be more accessible, if only, picking up an item doesn't remove the currently holded one. Nevertheless, the art, gameplay and whole idea are awesome.

Thnak you, Bro. I totally agree that I've should put more tile states that enchance the gameplay and make the game more accessible. In my original idea (i.e. when I was thinking, I had a lot of time), I thought about more types of tiles, like dragons and wastelands to make the game more interesting.

Thank you, try a few more times, u will see how quickly u can progress. Furthermore, I'm looking forward to play your great, camera-stealing game more, but I'm short on time lately :(

Congratulation(!), a few tries more and you will beat the creator! I've got 256 (without cheating of course xD), it's such a round score :)

This game is superb. I've had such a good time playing it. The art and concept are great. I found two minor issues:
1. Music is too spooky, I don't like it :P
2. Why is so short??? I wanna play more. :D

Yee, I've tried to merge the Kuromasu rules with my basic storyline - it didn't end well xD Next time, I promise I will implement logaritmic decreasing for a score!

Thank you for your kind words.