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The look, the music, the story. All such a great vibe, really well done.

Game looks interesting, keen to give the demo a go. when can we expect?

great game

honk to lure enemies

That last level was hell but overall fun game. Would be great to see more hazards and objects to move introduced in an expanded version

that's a shame, thanks for the vid this is good info. do you get the same low fps when not recording? it seems like that's letting the player phase through walls

Yep correct, I hope Aslak doesn't mind me linking it for visibility. The demo had great atmosphere and was really intriguing .

Demo was great, excited for full game

Hi, yes the demo of the first zone is nearly ready. I'm just fighting a few bugs and adding a bit of lore

Will definetly have something playable before the end of the year

thanks for playing, much appreciated! 

this game may need a patch to either increase the brightness or add a torch since you can catch a glimpse of the monster shortly before running

don't know how I missed that, thanks. 

Also the driving is really enjoyable it'd be great to have more of it eg. driving around scoping houses like "Thief Simulator" and escaping the police

score 70 - no one beatin that

Highscore 10:56: its a fun game that's easy to pick up

Fun game, love the art style and setting. Would be good to have some sort of tutorial even for a demo as it took me a while to figure out how to get in the houses. Plus once getting caught the police arrive almost instantly and they can be ran past for a quick escape.

Overall love the idea and execution. Can't wait to see how it evolves

I can't move, but it's nice to hold Z and be safe. Thank you

He also stepped right

I won - do you still monitor this page? I'd like to get some insight on the inspiration behind "The Potato Garden Defender" as there's alot to unpack

Fun romp, the atmosphere and controls felt good. If the game was developed further the computer terminal mechanic could go a long way with deciding how you want the upcoming puzzle to be structured eg. turning off door controls that let more enemies in to redirect to sprinklers to extinguish a fire

Great minds think alike

Liked the concept and the puzzles had a nice difficulty curve but agree with the below that the movement would stutter when rounding corners (i think?) Also found a bug where you could pickup thrown bait but couldn't choose the throw direction

Still a cool game. There's a decent amount of content for such a short dev window. Well done!

There were a few bugs as well as more challenging levels that I couldn't get to in time. Thanks for playing!

Neat idea with great presentation. Sound is very underrated in jam games but its inclusion here really ties everything together. One gripe was that it was pretty difficult to throw the ball especially knowing where it was heading, i got a few screens up then overshot back to the start which as heartbreaking </3

Fun game once you get the flow of it. The controls make it satisfying to maneuver the boat between the land. Would be good to add a distance travelled meter as it would be handy to gauge your progress.

Well done!


Had alot of fun with this game, impressed that it was made in 72hours.

With some new content and a patch this could go for sale on Steam. Great work

I love this idea, truly unique and the art style has great readability. Also liked being able to choose the spawn point for the enemies as it's an extra layer of strat. 

If i was nitpicking the player collision can be hard to predict when your shooting gaps, and the music can get a tad repetitive, but can sympathise since Bosca Ceoil (guessing was used) can limit you to making looping tracks under time constraint.

With a few more levels this could make a good mobile game. Had fun, awesome entry!

Thanks! Went through a lot of palettes until this one made sense

Made a chill puzzle/stealth game with a windows95 aesthetic

(check the description if you get stuck as there's a hint)


All 15 to the end in 24 seconds, hopefully thats good! Found it easier to swerve and avoid the Zs instead of using the milk, good work!

Game was very difficult before discovering the flip flop then managed to get 358 zombies until they destroyed the church. Even though playing on WebGL the corpses might need to disappear every 5-10secs for performance because it was chopping hard up in the 100 mark. 

Still well done

Very polished for <48hours and great to hear it's being worked on post-jam!

Everything was well done, the sound, visuals & gameplay. I did find it hard to get the right card in level 2 but that's just luck of the desk spose

Great job!

There're some good mechanics going on here. I like the risk reward of sticking around to fight the ghosts for extra$ instead of leaving.

The variety in the ghosts is a nice touch since you could've got away with just 1.

There could be more sound and visual prompts to things you do as it wasn't 100% clear what you can steal and can't. Plus some ghosts spawned right in my path causing game over which is overpowered ghost move.

Overall cool concept, if you ever expand it multiple levels would be fun.

This is a neat idea and a mash of genres that works well. If this had some more content and a few QoL changes i'd buy the full version.

Minor gripes:

-The high score text is covering the 'easy mode' button. Easy fix but took a min to figure out

-Dunno if it was my setup but the music didn't quite line up with the prompts so i was just timing visually.

-Feedback system for correct rhythm would add some juice

-Another commented the zombies could move in rhythm, that would be consistent with the theme and work well.

Overall awesome job had fun thnks

I agree there was only time to make one song. In the 1.1build the music will switch between checkpoints. 

This was the weirdest bug. The virus' are supposed to spawn in each room but for some reason it's only 1-2 or none of them (again, to be fixed in 1.1)

Thanks for playing! awesome feedback

Thanks for playing!

Made pancakes

The thought of you carefully placing the low poly turd in the toilet fills me with glee (or it came with the asset pack, can't decide which is funnier)

Anyway, fun little romp. Running around the house gave off some Toy Story 2 ps1 vibes

I enjoyed this janky gold, but have some questions.

Why does taxi have gun

Why does everyone drive same car

How come killing innocents gives you more time (Are you just intimidating passenger to extend the fare?)

Who built a city in the abyss