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Lawra Suits Clark

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thank you for playing :)

appreciate it!

Crime Zone was a major inspiration for sure, though I was about halfway finished with this project when I played it :)  made for a good final shove

thank you! a couple songs are in the game, others were for the physical sculpture version of the game, and the rest were just made alongside it which is why I sort of considered the album to be more of a companion piece than a real soundtrack~

I'm thrilled, hope they appreciate it~

I wouldn't mind revisiting it someday, there were a bunch of things I couldn't do in the original for technical/sanity reasons lol. If I were to do that I'd definitely look for a lead programmer that wasn't me, at the very least, since I'm also pretty tangled up with another large personal project and it would really benefit from someone with better technical skills. As far as folks using the idea I guess just go for it, haha. I mean it's out there now, and if you'd like to expand on it then that's cool.

lol thanks for noticing ;)

Sorry about this!  Mac builds were always a little volatile with the original GameMaker (a little less so now in GMS2), and unfortunately I kinda expected this would happen at some point. Apple has a habit of constantly breaking software with updates! If I can dig up the source files and make time to re-compile it with GMS2 then that might solve these issues for a time, but that isn't something I was planning on doing anytime soon.  :<

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If you're seeing a shader error, it's probably your DirectX -- try one of these links:

If the game appears to be running slowly or dropping frames, try switching your monitor resolution to 1280x800!


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