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Tried version 1.1, and I liked it!  The drift jump is neat, having it only make the player character move forward is a fun restriction that felt "realistic." One potential problem is the depth perception, as I tried to jump on the rightmost pillar in the left room but couldn't as it was one tile north of where I though it was. I am also curious about how drift jumping southwards would work if the platform you are jumping on obscures your view of the player character. Overall, I'd love to see this movement applied to more difficult platforming challenges (moving platforms, areas with limited options for drift jumping, etc).

Great game! It just needs audio, proper UI and more content.

Got to the second level, and this game is pretty nice. One thing that stood out to me was the part where you choose a tool to be thrown away in exchange for upgrading another; it makes tackling the levels a lot more interesting if you replay the game.

I do have two small criticisms, however: The first is that selecting the tools with the keyboard numbers is quite annoying, and it would be nice to see an option for mouse-wheel scrolling (also on the topic of tools, I don't like how the icon for the tool you have equipped disappears from the screen. It would be nice to have a different colour to represent it instead). 

The other problem is with the bloom in the latter half of the second level; it makes the white tools hard to see and is generally just an eyesore. Maybe it could be fixed with a bloom slider and a black outline for the tools.

I did love the presentation and setting, and it's made me more interested in your other games. Good stuff!

Pretty good art style, music and overall presentation. Very nice!