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Just noticed that the game didn't have xbox gamepad support (xinput), and It only worked in playstation-like gamepads (directinput)... (See devlog)

Now working on a fix.

Cool! Thanks spudcats :D I really had fun watching it
Is it fine if I share your video  in my facebook and twitter pages?

If anyone has experienced lag, any kind of performance issue, glitches or bugs, feel free to post here. It will help me improve the game :D

I'm glad you liked it :D
Many thanks for making a video of my game *-* You actually are the first youtuber to make gameplay video of it. I liked your other videos and subscribed to your channel with my personal account n_n. I apologize if the second level was too hard. It actually is the third (secret) level of the game, and since I havent finished any other levels I had no other choice but to include it on the demo in order to have more than one playable  level.
Can I share your video on Lavender Tree Games's facebook and twitter accounts ? :)

Many thanks for your comment's :D. It woud be great if you could help me test the game before it's full release.

About the grandma's grave, there is another "epilogue cutscene" now in development that explains what happened to her, and Mu's motivation to explore the world. I'll make a new demo update when it is ready ;)

About the bouncy dogs, you just need to hold the jump button to bounce higher. If you do so near the center of the first dog, and keep going forward holding the jump  button, the character should land on the other dogs without any problems... I know this level is kind of hard and that's because is the third (secret) level of the game. Since I haven't completed any other levels I had to include it in the demo. Also the bouncy dogs mechanic is explained in a previous level (not included in the demo) Maybe it wasn't a good idea to include this specific level on the demo :p. I apologize for that ^_^

Hello Hobcramwork :D Thanks for playing the demo.
Yeah, a few people think that part is way too difficult. I think I'll be increasing those bouncy dogs's hitbox a bit. Thanks for you feedback!

Oh, I'm so glad. Thank you very much! :D

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Hi, I'm Victor, a solo game developer and this is my game

Leafy Moon mixes various classic platformer games's gameplay, inspired by games such as megaman, kirby and super mario world.

  • Unlock and play as up to 4 different characters, each one with a different classic platformer gameplay.
  • Open your path by clearing stages on a giant overworld, filled with enemies, bosses and secrets.
  • ...And find out why the world's balance is being lost

Page Link: