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Awesome!! And for sure I'm going to play that DLC next =) thanks for all your great work, looking forward to more!

Wow! The art for this game is so beautiful, and the emotions behind the writing come through really well. The guys are super cute, it's hard to decide which I'd like best. I'm definitely looking forward to the full game!

Just wanted to add one constructive criticism - there are a lot of typos or maybe translation issues in the writing of this early version (though the meaning still comes through). For example, a sentence or phrase shouldn't end with "I'm," it should be "I am." Just a suggestion to maybe have a beta reader or someone to copy edit for the English version before final release? Great job though!!

Haha yes I am, I love DA!! I basically live in Solavellan hell =P So I look for games like this to lift my spirits!

This game is so cute and fun!! I really liked learning about each character, they are all so different and unique. I'd say I liked Kenji's route the most, he's so sweet, but Luis was a close second. The only downside was that I kind of needed the guide to get me through, some of the choices were more specific than I'd expected. But overall, amazing job, great game! Do recommend. 

Wow!!! I've been reading a lot of visual novels lately but this one really stood out!! It's so unique and engaging, I felt myself smiling the whole time, and I really felt like I got to know and connect with the different characters. The intro song is amazing, I would listen to that for hours. I love all 3 routes, but Toasty has to be my favorite because he's an amazing nerd and reminds me of my partner ;) Quest is also so awesome and sweet (and kinda spicy too heh). Nightowl is so extra, but it's adorable most of the time haha. Anyway, I just had to post a comment saying this is one of my favorite visual novels EVER and I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Thank you thank you for this <3