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The overall concept here is fun for a simple twenty-minute experience, and the writing is fairly amusing for the most part, but there's one detail that I feel needs to be addressed.

The text repeatedly jokes about 'the young blood you [Bezos] have pumped into yourself'. This is a clear reference to the supposed "trend" of wealthy individuals purchasing blood from healthy, young people and injecting it into themselves to become more youthful. Said trend is completely fake.

I know this game isn't meant to be completely serious or realistic, so parodies and jokes are fine, but it needs to be stressed that the "young blood" rumor is a right-wing lie spun up to demonize "The Elite" (a.k.a. Jewish people) under the guise of anti-capitalist rhetoric. Much like jokes about "lizard people", it is a seemingly-harmless piece of humor that actually serves to spread anti-Semitism and make it easier to sway the unaware toward fascism.

This game has been out for quite some time now and doesn't seem to be receiving further updates, so I understand if the developer has long since shifted priorities elsewhere, but it would be good to have this addressed in some way. Barring that, it would do the people playing the game to be aware of where this "joke" came from and avoid spreading it further.

Thank you for commenting! I appreciate the appraisal.

The die roll is intended more as a guideline than anything. Even with foreplanning, it's always possible for gamemasters to get caught up in the moment and be uncertain of where to direct the narrative, and I wanted to help ensure that they have a backup to rely on if that happened. Skill checks are still the most important part of any action's outcome (the event roll for an action might get a player into a fight, for instance, but the subsequent Combat skill check is what determines whether they get away unscathed or end up dead); you could think of the event die roll as a sort of preemptive Luck check to decide whether those skill checks will even be needed.

If a gamemaster has everything planned out in advance, they're of course welcome to ignore this roll and lead the story themself - it's just a way for an uncertain narrator to make a snap decision about what to throw at their players next.