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Hi, thanks for playing! Yeah, I heard some people have issues with the music when playing in-browser. Unfortunately, I don’t know what I could do about that.

Indeed, there is no actual ending. You just play until you feel you’re done. Thank you :)

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words! :)

And thanks for letting me know there’s a typo haha. If I remember to make a post-jam update I’ll make sure to fix all that stuff. 

Thank you so so much <3 Such a sweet little article, too. I’m glad you liked it :)

In Brewing Drawings you play as an artist witch who makes drawings by combining ingredients.

In this short game you can:

  • inspect the witch's room to find ingredients
  • combine them to brew drawings
  • hang your drawings up on the wall

Link to the game:

Thank you! :) There is no way to reach an ending, you just play until you get bored haha

Thank you! <3 I like that one a lot, too 

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Hi everyone! I just made a short game called Maia and The Cool Kids.

Link to the game:

The protagonist is Maia, a teen who is a bit of a loner and an outcast. She is forced to spend some time with the "cool kids", which she despises. 

This is a bit of a personal game, as I drew inspiration from my own experiences when making it.  I made it reflecting upon myself from when I was in middle school, back when I envied the kids who were happier than me, and I was very hateful and unfairly judgemental of them.

Damn, you played through it really fast! And thank you, that’s really sweet! <3

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Tysm! Honestly, I've made this 2 years ago and I still have no clue why it takes up so much space lol. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it <3

Thank you so much! Wish I saw this live, but your reactions make me really happy :) Glad you liked it.

Thank youu! Man, I knew it was probably gonna be something simple. For the 2 digit numbers I just took the second one, I can’t believe I didn’t think about adding them together (even though that was sort of a clue). I saw a + and I was like “add what???” I feel dumb now😅

I don’t know if I’m just stupid, or I missed a clue, but I couldn’t figure out the lock combination. How do I get the right numbers from the letters? I like the art and voice acting and everything, I really want to get past this part. I’ve tried so many things i need helppp 

Wow thank you so much !! I’m glad you liked it

Thanks so much! <3

I liked this a lot! Fitting title for an Isekai inspired game. I liked the small details and the dialogue had me chuckle. I found a bug though - after you enter the reaper's house and try to go back out, it teleports you to a place where you're stuck and can't move. All in all, I'd really like to see what happens next in the story.

Yup looks like I ruined Christmas too. It was pretty funny, the wrong presents kept bouncing right back into the boxes. Couldn't get past level 3. I liked the music too

This was pretty cool, although sometimes the Next button didn't work, had to Right click -> Forward to advance. But overall I liked the idea a lot and the art is pretty neat. Also, I liked interacting with the chairs. "Justice doesn't rest" made me giggle :)

A super nice experience! I loved the writing - short and sweet. The graphics and sound are really cute and fit very well. Overall it feels very polished and I loved it. Even the ending was quite satisfying. 

I agree with everything that's already been said. I love the way you integrated the mechanics and also the dialogue - perfect representation of an awkward convo with your dad - snarky remarks and everything (but Christmas-themed). Overall a really nice, fun game

This was really cool! I enjoyed all the puzzles, although once I got to the metal box I couldn't for the life of me get up on that platform. Made it after many tries, though. 

I'm super glad you liked it. Thank you for playing <3

thank you so much!  

Thank you so much! I don't mind at all and I'm really happy that you liked it  :)

I agree. This was so nice!! Loved the puzzles and everything

Wow I think I interacted with too many things in the discomfort zone and it really got to me. This was pretty great ://

Omg thank you so so much <3 Unfortunatly I've lost the game files in the meantime so I won't be able to update the game anymore, but that's a great suggestion, I didn't really pay much attention to details like that (I'll keep it in mind if I ever make a game again). As for the error, again I can't really do anything anymore + I'm not sure what "remember command" even is. Nonetheless, thanks for downloading and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Have a nice day as well!

Thank you very much! I was waiting for your article, but I would've never imagined I'd make the list. I appreciate it a lot :)

Hey, that's awesome! Thank you so much for these videos!

Oh alright, I'm glad!

Ah, thanks so much! I don't know what could be the problem either, though. This was my first attempt at making a game, so I don't really have much experience, haha. Where does it crash? And does it simply shut down, without displaying an error message?