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I can sense the darkness in that clowns eyes, highly relatable.

this game makes me lose control :)

my brain too tiny



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yes they do as long as it doesn't delete system 32.

This game is fantastic

Whats this menu about ignoring assets mean?

Fun game

Unenjoyable game where the only game-play is your memory and it still doesn't do anything interesting with that.

Even bad as meme game, way too short and significantly worse than "Sonic Suggests" another meme game.

Enemies go down too easy with guns other than the pistol and the pistol is useless. I'm sure it won't matter much since the full game's purpose is getting people interested in the story

This is pretty cool but the combat leaves much to be desired

Do you have a discord, subreddit, google group, or any other forum for discussing the game, reporting bugs, and suggestions?

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I played the game just fine on Epic setting at 40fps. I close the game and open it up again and I get 15fps on good. So I reinstall the game and Windows now detects it as a trojan virus. UPDATE: I allowed the game from the Windows defender menu. However it only registers as a virus with "VolleyShot Pre-Alpha Demo.exe" but not "VolleyShot.exe"  

UPDATE2: I'm not sure if this was the problem or just solved it but I changed the resolution scale and the game runs well now.