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Yep, it is VERY short. (You can bug test a run in literally three minutes or less if you don't read the dialogue or look around.) I wasn't happy with the game past this point, so I cut it off where it made narrative sense.

Thanks for playing and commenting!

Thanks for commenting and giving it a try!

A custom interface would be pretty neat, but since I knew I wouldn't have time (because of personal & work commitments, not the month deadline) to finish much, I avoided any bells and whistles that might (when combined with my level of inexperience) completely bug the game.

Thank you! It's really nice of you to leave such encouraging comments for people, especially those of us who are just starting to mess around with game design.

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment, Kyattchan! (And I'm so glad you didn't get the curse of the creme caramel.)

The box disarm text is another big mistake I didn't notice until after the IGMC game jam entry deadline was up. It should have disappeared (or in this version it should have shown another demo note) after you check the clock. In the next release, you'll be able to leave freely once Jen changes clothes. 

So far I've only watched my sister play part of this (and downloaded it to play myself when I have time), but P.G. Wodehouse references are always a good sign in my book. ^_^

Hi, Perendi. Thank you for playing and letting me know about the curse of the creme caramel.  (It has indeed gone off.) I'll go fix it in my working copy, but for now it's possible to play a little bit longer if you don't serve the lawyer creme caramel at the maid cafe. There's some content left after the bugged shop drop off event, but you'll still hit a demo wall not too long afterward, so it may not be worth replaying for you (or anyone else reading this who ran afoul of this bug) just to see the rest of the event and start in on the first part of fixing the shop.