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you need pick a better title for future games. 1980 is too hard to search to find this game. i had to type your user name to find this sight. steam and are the only places i can find info on this title. I tried to search it on youtube but found everything but this game. I suggest a longer title with something about what the game does. something like '1980 Urban village' or something just as specific. that might find more than bargained for too. If i told a friend about this game they would never find it on their own. I would have to invite them to itch or steam. or other sight that might have it. anyways, I like the design of this game.

what i like to know about this game is if it's possible to achieve a perfect play through, meaning not failing any tasks. or what's the best score possible at end of game?

if players have this game on steam I would like a walk through if a perfect game was possible. i can only guess what i need to build as i progress.

certain building increase rate you get people not sure the specific amounts.

awesome. i will try check back and follow what i can. a few games on itch appear like games i enjoy. fun but not overdone.

Great for a free game. :)

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i rate it 9/10 like it but needs something like what others talk about here. being save feature and some way of knowing how to use or what buildings do or how they are most effective. like i can guess lumbermill needs trees but dont know if it needs surrounded and farm can have fields but im not sure how much difference more fields do. or if i need more farms. i have no idea what lighthouse (spelled wrong in game) does for the base buildings or surroundings.

i think i built everything possible in my game but doesn't seem to be a way to win.

is this the full game or is there an updated one i can buy somewhere?

I think i may have broke this game. at around 2b health i used a 'shard of heart' and got negative 2b health. game restarted the levels but health still shows negative. far as i can tell this can happen within 24 hours of running the game. seems theres a max on health that rolls over into negative somehow.

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Enjoyed making this far. Not sure I want to keep playing unless I'm missing the point. The decisions made during game have a nice flow to them. I agree with Cyberwolf that this game needs a bit more decisions and less repetition. I feel this game tends to get boring after a while and I find myself just rushing to get to next screen. If there was and actual ending and not just endless tasks I probably make it a goal to get the whole story. Not sure this game meant to have an ending besides losing screen or if it has a winning condition.

I did notice some tasks are in queue based on what my loyalty, finances, and military are at. Not sure how exactly that is triggered.

maybe a notification when new things happen or if someone logs in or more than just me influencing a new star system.

Seems to need more people to actually play it or more newsfeed to let me know there's other's around. I been playing off and on for a few months and it feels a little too quiet on the newsfeed in the game. I enjoy growing my empire of systems but feel I need more interactions or things to keep me engaged. space exploration of this type seems to be a game i like but feels to quiet for multiplayer game. maybe if there was some events announced to get people playing that would help the game. maybe it's too soon or just not ready for more community. I like maybe see a little more action besides news that someone took over a system. just something to make me feel like other people are still around.

Is my goal to see how long I can last or finish the tasks as they come with right decisions?

i'm past 400 turns now. either i'm doing good or i'm making some decisions wrong that end the story i'm trying to get through?

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I seen that the canal message seemed to stop in my last run at around 400 turns. sometime early on i haven't seen it pop up later in game. I think you build one canal then ignore it i guess. some other messages may work this way. i like some the decisions we have to make. I'm not sure how many time i saw aldogoths or mellenial fair and other ones several times. not sure if this game has a way to win or I just see how far i can get.

I watched your video and discovered how William and Henry helped after aldogoths invade.

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do i just play and see how long i can last or is there an actual end to the game i can discover? is game ended only when i lose or can i win?

300 now? ok so i know what decisions to make but no ending or new decisions to make yet.

whenever is the ending to this game. i got to turn 200 and it's still going.