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do i just play and see how long i can last or is there an actual end to the game i can discover? is game ended only when i lose or can i win?

i'm past 400 turns now. either i'm doing good or i'm making some decisions wrong that end the story i'm trying to get through?

Is my goal to see how long I can last or finish the tasks as they come with right decisions?

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Enjoyed making this far. Not sure I want to keep playing unless I'm missing the point. The decisions made during game have a nice flow to them. I agree with Cyberwolf that this game needs a bit more decisions and less repetition. I feel this game tends to get boring after a while and I find myself just rushing to get to next screen. If there was and actual ending and not just endless tasks I probably make it a goal to get the whole story. Not sure this game meant to have an ending besides losing screen or if it has a winning condition.

I did notice some tasks are in queue based on what my loyalty, finances, and military are at. Not sure how exactly that is triggered.