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And here comes another game by Jade. For such a short experience I found a lot of pretty cool experimentation.

The animations of the main character are super realistic, I love the way the enemy moves (especially the one that leaves from the window) and you've done a great job turning the flashlight into a gameplay element.

Well done, you're learning new skills super fast, I think I'll start to need your expertise on a few topics quite soon ;

Hey, I've seem some pretty nice videos of Disaster Drive on Twitter, you can count me in for playtesting, I'd be glad to help (and play) !

Electric Sunset immediately caught me when I saw it on the jam page, the low poly look, lighting and color palette are really catchy.

While playing, I also appreciated this slight grain and the speed/motion blur. But what really got me are the controls, for a game developed during a jam they are incredibly smooth, I could easily see this as a demo for a full finished product!

Well done, Jordan! And sorry for posting my review only today, I wanted to give another try at your game with a fresh mind!

In OFM, you play a male version of the Little Red Hood who go visit his grandmother by plane. Your flight has not been cancelled following Covid, but you end up crashing in a Nordic setting. And here the game starts!

You will have to evolve in a beautiful shade-of-blue of atmosphere, before discovering this fairy landscape is actually quite dangerous (“beware of wolves”, as the first sign warns you). I especially enjoyed the enemies, it was a really clever use of (spoiler alert!!!) werewolves. A great work has been made on the lighting color palette and I really like the music (mixing a fairy melody with a slight stressful tone).

OFM is definitely approved by the Pack! (and not only because there are wolves)


Well done, Mollie! Can’t wait to see what you’re preparing next!

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Always a pleasure to play one of your game, James. I never know what to expect, except enjoying a pretty good moment.
You surely know how to make the best uses of assets, combined to your level design skills, to offer a great experience.
Keep it up!

Sorry I took so long to post my comment, I was pretty sure I had done it and realized only today I had not.
Once again, really well done! ;)

The illegitimate child of Marie's Room and The Stanley Parable!
A game "behind closed doors" (litteraly), a really clever way  to encourage the players to interact with every elements. Even if this is a short game, I'm quite impressed by the fact everything happens in one single room, and it works really well!
Oh, and there is pizza... ;)

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If I was not aware of what kind of magic James can do in level designing, I would never believe this game has been made in such a short amount of time! 
 You will not enjoy one but 4 differents levels, rich, dense, but never too wide. You will have to find your way but you will never get lost. As usual with James, this is a real lesson of level design, which is at the center of the game mechanics and the artistic direction.

Well done!

I love the idea that the gates of Heaven looks like a small tuscan town: considering how good are their wines and food, seems quite logical! 
More seriously, I really enjoyed exploring this small town, I could have spent hours looking at all the details in it, if rushing was not part of the gameplay (but I played it several times). And the "hell" ending is just awesome, a dark atmosphere as convincing as the Hell level from the Darkness of the dark sides of Silent Hill! Well done!

Caballo Mortal mixes quite cleverly the idea of a living/frozen painting with slender-survival elements to give you a short but intense experience. 
The game gives a few hints to players (like me) who don't see clues that are in front of them. I got killed probably more than most of the other players but I really enjoyed playing it. Clearly impressed by the amount of details considering it has been done during a game jam. 

And here we are, another clever and beautiful creation by Jade, the creator of Cor Mechanica.
There is no way you don't enjoy this short game which, despite being done in a short amount of time, has a pretty memorable aeasthetic and quite solid gameplay elements.
Well done, Jade!

Really darky, not only in its visual style but also on the main topic.
A well-execteud sagebrushian narrative walking sim short horror adventure. Just download it and take the time to get lost in those woods! :)

I finally had a chance to play Cor Mechanica! (which means avoid watching David Wehle’s Feedback Friday video so as not to be spoiled).

It took me two sessions to beat the game, and during the first one I forgot that I could press R to find the objectives cause I’m stupid lol. But it gave me the opportunity to waste myself in this beautiful environment. There is a huge work on the atmosphere, I especially loved how lighting, models and ambiance matches with this great soundtrack.

Knowing this is Jade first game this is really promising for its future in gamedev. I can’t wait to see his next project. In less than a minute he succeeds in immersing ourselves in his universe, with a simple but effective plot and many small details that support the storytelling.

Well done!

Yeah, simple mechanics but f... awesome!
And really impressed by the fact you made it in such a few time :)

A real lesson of level designs! The game mechanics are simples but quite efficients, the environment is beautiful, I especially loved the ending.

Did not suceed in having the 25 yet but I'll retry with a great pleasure.
Looking forward for the next one!