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BIG BOSS update is live on itch IO!

New features:

  • 6 new alien bosses in chase missions
  • 12 new guns
  • New game+ mode! Can you survive the real anarchy?
  • Normal and Hard difficulty levels
  • some enemies in the town now set up turrets
  • new levels for talents and weapon upgrades
  • rebalanced and refined gameplay on space maps
  • rebalanced character progression system
  • improved character and bullet phisics
  • new graphcs, special effects and sounds
  • ukranian localization
  • improved joystick support in menus
  • massive optimization

Of course! BIG BOSS update is coming to Itch IO in a few days.

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Thanks! Yeah, I've been tweaking and polishing it for a long time. New update will come soon!

About the art stile - it was created by a girl Kristina on a game jam/ However she showed no interest in continuing the project. Without an artist I had to start drawing myself without any experience. Most of the characters and weapons are of my design based on Kristina's original style. Luckily laster I found an artist who did the environment, animation and bosses.

Thank you! right now I'm working on a new update for the game with new bosses and New game+ option. Stay alert!

Thanks a lot!

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Hello, everyone! My name is Andy Jr, I just released my latest game State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem on Itch IO!

Prepare for bullet hell action and crazy driving! You were an ordinary citizen in a small town… Now it’s on fire! Rioters are storming the houses, aliens rampage in the sky! Run as fast as you can! Shoot anything that moves! Do not release the gas pedal! Anarchy has never been so much fun!

The idea for this game was born on Global Game Jam in Minsk. This was my first game jam ever. It happened right in the middle of a real financial crisis that struck Republic of Belarus in 2015. People were rushing into banks to buy or sell dollars, crowds were gathering near ATMs. I just put it on paper with funny music and sound effects. The project was a success! So I spent the next 1,5 year expanding it into a full fledged game. Grab your gun and join the fun!

  • Intense Run&Gun action
  • Hilarious doodle graphics and mouth made sound effects
  • 50+ weapons. New gun on every level
  • 80+ enemies and bosses
  • 3 cars and 6 spaceships
  • New talents and weapon upgrades
  • 48 stages
  • Awesome rock music