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Wow! What an awesome idea!

You're welcome! It is cool to see people get into game design and programming.

The game has a great feel! Impacting the cars feels hardy. I feel like the game would have more longevity if you could unlock other cars to drive with and if there was more music.

Very good for your first game! There were some collision issues, and when you click on the Main Menu button after reading the Credits, it brings you to the Instructions instead of the menu.

This is an amazing game for 48 hours! Love it!

That was a brilliant game! The mechanics are an awesome idea. The aesthetics are great. Five stars all around.

I like the idea behind it. The mechanics are a cool idea and can definitely be expanded upon.

The controls felt very difficult, but the game had an awesome feel and great idea!

Thanks for including it!

Thanks! That was the design philosophy behind the reflectors. When I made people play the game, they said that even though they were wasting health, they could shoot recklessly to regain it. So, I created them!

This makes the dream of being Aladdin come true! Great game idea!

Nice job! The mechanics were really interesting. I like how you have to fall faster to get more upward momentum.