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You got the picture hahaha! You are like a dream fairy that spits dreams into people hahaha

Thanks! The game was a little experiment we made in a 4 hour jam at

Poxa cara obrigado mesmo! Nós fizemos o jogo em 4 horas no programa semanal caçadores de jam na!

dreams are happening!

thank you for covering the game! great content!

thank you dayve!!

thank youuu

simmmm amigo, toda segunda feira nos fazemos uma live da jam no twitch, o link da gravaçao e do canal tao ali no pesujotv! Vlwww

bro... u angry about what? we literally have a translation button.... If you didnt like it, just dont play it ...

Vlw amigo gostei p cassete desse tbm, sepa a gnt atualiza ele e melhora

wow ficou irado manos

Yeah sorry for that, we didnt actually  had time to finish the game properly or game test, so we decided to just ship it for the jam.

But we will finish it tho!

lindo lindo!

a really cute game, loved the music!

those boxing otters man

really cute beavers!

this was the first game of the jam i played and i loved it! you guys tought on almost the same idea/mecanic we made for Oh!Scrap! and  i laughed pretty hard at that, you guys nailed it!

thxx! we hadnt the time to implement all features we wanted in the game, time and stuf haha... buT i mean we shipped it !

and yea monolith was one of the big inspirations

thxxx i really enjoyed doing the art! its a shame not all the animations got in :(

we intended on putting ships that heal you when they are destroyed, buuuuuut we coudnt implement it in the game because of time, i actually made the healing ships sprites and animations

thankss! i was the artist in the project and i really enjoyed myself haha, its a shame we couldnt implement the animations i made :(

And also there are no doors because they bugged and we had to scrap them hahaha