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I never could make it to the basement after getting the basement key. I keep getting caught while upstairs, tried running, flash light on, flash light off, hiding in the back bedroom, just get caught around the stairs or before the stairs.

"This looks useful." A really nice and touching narrative, the music gave me the feels at the end.

Well, I fell through the bottom of the map several times when waiting on the door bell to ring before I could get out of the chair. Then when I didn't fall through, I would go to the VHS tape on the floor and pick it up, and I was stuck examining it and couldn't move. I hit E again, and the tape fell onto the ground and I couldn't interact with the tape again. Not sure if its just me, or if others are experiencing these bugs as well.

Really enjoyed the game. Really liked the bathroom. Really creepy the first time you look through the magnifying lens, and very VERY intriguing. Also, I am interested in a Linux port, but this worked fine while using Wine and DXVK. Not sure if its a bug, or using Wine, but the First Person camera moved around when entering numbers on the keypad. One small gripe though, when you get the key and head down the hallway, you don't have time to look at the clocks, so after dying a few times, I just kept opening doors until I found THE END.

I really enjoyed it, really quick but really good. The spooky 'ghost voice' gave me a little bit of a laugh though, but I really like the simple flat art work. Really good use of the Godot engine too, graphics are simple, but you demonstrate some really good fundamentals in development. And thank you for including a full-screen toggle button! Lots of Godot games just make quick assumptions and give you full screen by default. Also, while Godot usually works perfectly fine in Wine by default, could you try to upload a Linux export and maybe even Android since the engine is really versatile. Thanks.

I thought that square on the wall looked a little suspect. I even got confetti for my efforts. Really enjoyed playing through it.

A really enjoyable horror experience, even if its a little slow paced. Enjoyed the narrative and didn't go too cliche on jump scares, instead relying on the narrative, exploration, and paranormal sightings and interactions. Kind of left me curious if there are multiple endings, seem to be stuck doing one thing at the end.

Only cons were having to manually set screen resolution in Unity via commands, the window not wanting to capture my mouse with a multi monitor setup, and slow walk speed.

This game is so awesome and so addictive, I sat and played it for a hour or so straight once I figured it out. This is quick game making in Godot done right. Going to download the updated version and give it a spin.

I dropped the soap...

Can't seem to go into the options settings in the Linux version to tweak things, mainly the mouse sensitivity, and then save those settings and get back to the game without instead going back to the main menu which then fails to reload the game, or just accidentally exiting the game out entirely. 

In short, I can't figure out how to get out of the Options menu without killing the game.

Was getting a message to launch the game with -opengl3 support using Linux, but I knew my card supported OpenGL up to version 4.2 or 4.3. Launching with -opengl3 made the game unplayable but after searching on google forever and trying more cutting edge versions of Mesa and so on, I found out that for using open source drivers (I have a Firepro "Turks" V3900) that manually CDing into the folder with Wake and running the command 


Got the game up and running like it should be. Hope this helps somebody. Might be worth a shot for anybody running Linux in general, or in my case Linux Mint 19/Ubuntu 18.04.1 and using the oifab amd/ati drivers but possibly not getting the correct OpenGL version when running glxinfo as I was. The hardware on my card supported it, but Mesa/DRI or whatever didn't properly detect it. Possibly a bug, but certainly worked.

Note: This probably won't work with closed binary drivers like Nvidia, I'm not sure if that relies on mesa or its own implimentation.