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Was getting a message to launch the game with -opengl3 support using Linux, but I knew my card supported OpenGL up to version 4.2 or 4.3. Launching with -opengl3 made the game unplayable but after searching on google forever and trying more cutting edge versions of Mesa and so on, I found out that for using open source drivers (I have a Firepro "Turks" V3900) that manually CDing into the folder with Wake and running the command 


Got the game up and running like it should be. Hope this helps somebody. Might be worth a shot for anybody running Linux in general, or in my case Linux Mint 19/Ubuntu 18.04.1 and using the oifab amd/ati drivers but possibly not getting the correct OpenGL version when running glxinfo as I was. The hardware on my card supported it, but Mesa/DRI or whatever didn't properly detect it. Possibly a bug, but certainly worked.

Note: This probably won't work with closed binary drivers like Nvidia, I'm not sure if that relies on mesa or its own implimentation.